Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

Digital Media Consulting Delivers a First-to-New-York Observation Deck Experience

Hudson Yards is unlike anything built before—a living, breathing neighborhood that features first-to-New-York experiences. One of the most memorable, the Observation Deck, takes visitors on an experiential journey that celebrates the thrill of the Hudson Yards transformation from a busy rail yard to a magnificent “Future City.” The owner and the architect/design firm planned a fully immersive audio/video/lighting creative journey from the entry level at 30 Hudson Yards to the rooftop Observation Deck on the 67th floor.

They engaged Diversified’s digital media consulting services to engineer their vision and provide the design development package and bill of materials for equipment and services. Diversified began the project by participating in programming meetings to further understand the desired solution, AV/IT infrastructures, physical facility ergonomics, values and practices. Next followed a discussion about what was programmatically and technically necessary to support the desired experience on the 4th, 5th, 67th, and 68th floors along with the shuttle elevators and roof-deck. Diversified’s digital media consulting analysis included research and recommendation of: the type of exhibit systems best suited for each exhibit element; alternate and innovative technologies to achieve the desired design solution for exhibits and the overall budgetary goals; and, a content management system (CMS) to ensure seamless integration into the exhibit systems and meet the individual needs of each exhibit space.

Once the equipment and space requirements were determined, Diversified proceeded with the development of space planning. The detailed design included any accommodations related to the elements in scope, including location and dimensions of all equipment racks, consoles and other technical equipment; system conduit, cable tray, riser, and cabling requirements; low and high voltage accommodation drawings including signal group separation and grounding requirements; electrical and heat loading requirements and preliminary equipment lists and refined budgets.

The design development package brings the owner’s vision for the Observation Deck to life and makes it one step closer to becoming a first-to-New-York experience.

Air Jordan Store

Air Jordan Store

Brick-and-Mortar store created dynamic experience with Retail AV and Digital Signage solutions

Toronto’s new Air Jordan location on Yonge street is more than just a store: it’s an experience. That was the goal when designing the three-level retail space equipped with an underground kids-only concourse, an industrial-designed retail level, and an upper athletic training facility. The Diversified team designed and installed a Retail AV and Digital Signage solution that would create a dynamic experience for clients.

During the building process, the store’s biggest audio visual (AV) priority was music. Air Jordan wanted to incorporate a multi-room audio system that would be flexible depending on the space, yet extremely easy-to-use for the store’s staff. That’s why Diversified built the entire system around a Crestron multi-room audio controller, powered by 40 custom-mounted speakers in the building’s columns and 11 ceiling speakers. For easy control of the system, an Apple iPad Mini, equipped with Spotify and a custom-designed graphical user interface, allows store clerks to easily change the song or music volume.

The third floor, named Center 23, acts as a full-service training facility complete with a gym, locker room, and two Jordan Standard games—interactive display-based grid tests that measure each player’s agility level compared to Michael Jordan’s. Each Jordan Standard grid features a fine pixel pitch SiliconCore LED video wall and has its own audio zone, all of which is easily controlled with one Apple iPad Mini. The video was fed from an XBOX Kinect, managed by PCs in the central rack room, and then split into two for each LED display.

In addition, the Air Jordan store wanted a visual projector-based system to contribute to the aesthetic of the main level retail space. In collaboration with an experiential design firm, Diversified turned the space’s eight-foot tall windows into digital canvases by installing four custom-mounted Panasonic 8500-lumen DLP projectors in a portrait orientation. The solutions provider pixel-mapped the projection to separate the images for each window and integrated a dedicated BrightSign player to send content to each.

With immersive technology solutions in place, the store attracts clients for not only the products they sell, but more importantly, the brand experience they share.


  • Best Retail Project Winner – InAVate Awards 2018
  • Best Retail Project North America 2018 Winner – Integration Awards



Increasing Brand Awareness and Sales Revenue through Custom Retail Branding Digital Signage

In keeping with the style and luxury that the Coach brand is known for, Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) has completed more than fifty international and domestic network video wall installations in Coach retail stores as well as Coach departments within other major retail locations.

DMG utilized eight different available video wall configurations to best accommodate each store’s unique architecture. Hardware included LG 55-inch displays, Premiere monitor mounts, Brightsign video players, and Aurora Multimedia video processing and video extenders. DMG also provides a comprehensive range of services to Coach and its consultants including procurement, configuration, content management, international project management, logistics, and on-site field installation services.

Adding exceptional flair to each space, more and more video walls are added each month as DMG, working with Coach consultants, The Clarient Group and the Al Tayer Group, continues to expand the retailer’s network and showcase Coach’s image as a lifestyle brand. As remarkable and dynamic visual environments that increase brand awareness and generate overall interest in the luxury product line, many of the remodeled stores have shown increased sales as a result.

Al Tayer presently has a group of stores in operation and others in various stages of completion and in review.


Queen’s University

Queen’s University

Campus Bookstore Digital Signage and LCD Video Wall Engages Students

To kick off the school year, the Campus Bookstore at Queen’s University needed a unique way to engage students. Reflecting the modern and fast-paced nature of the University, they turned to Diversified to design a Campus Bookstore Digital Signage solution.

With an LED backlight and LCD panels, the screen’s brightness and color are both high in consistency without requiring a lot of energy. In addition, the video wall’s image disperses across the unit with no drop off at the edges, resulting in a clean, clear visual.

The Campus Bookstore’s two video walls sit in prime target areas to engage visitors. A smaller 5 x 1 video wall is mounted above the checkout area, and a larger 7 x 2 video wall is positioned in the middle of the bookstore, serving as a central focal point. Content on the larger video wall varies, often including historical photos of the University and an assortment of architectural images. Above the check out counter, the smaller video wall displays information on the store’s vendor partners and current inventory.

Queen’s often coordinates with different student groups on campus to help them get the word out on respective events. The video wall therefore replaces a bulletin board, and eliminates the role of paper. It’s eco-friendly, efficient and engaging.

What’s more, store managers can change the content from behind the displays, with flexibility to either arrange the visual on either the wall’s individual 2 x 2 cubes, or stretched over the entire screen.



Providing an Unsurpassed Visual Impact with
Larger-Than-Life Digital Content in Times Square

This spectacular 25,000+ square-foot HD digital billboard spans the Broadway facade of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. The mammoth, football field-length Mitsubishi screen, the feature element of the renovation and expansion of retail space at the hotel, provides vibrant, crystal-clear images for unsurpassed visual impact.

Mitsubishi selected Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) to design, furnish and install the content management and monitoring systems for the display as well as provide ongoing content management and support services.

The solution involved creating multiple display options, and has the capability to fill the entire screen with a single advertiser’s images; display pictures from multiple advertisers/tenants  simultaneously; and support live events as needed.

The Diversified project team conducted a thorough evaluation and discovery of Mitsubishi’s proposal requests and requirements. Working in tandem with Diversified’s experts in digital signage, stadium LED, broadcast, content creation and managed services, the team developed and executed a robust, flexible solution to meet the client’s needs. Utilizing YCD  multimedia software as the playback platform, this system also included interactive capabilities.

For the billboard’s first full-screen client, Google, Diversified supported bringing live interactive games to the display. The high-impact Vornado-Marriott LED display is a conceptually unified, customizable digital canvas for retail branding and advertising. Diversified’s fluid content management and monitoring system allows  tne or more advertisers to promote brands on the largest single LCD screen in North America, a breathtaking focal point for the more than 300,000 pedestrians who pass through Times Square each day.



Humberview Volkswagen

Outfitting Auto Dealership with on-demand advertising possibilities through Digital Signage

Humberview Volkswagen recognized that the static, printed advertisements of the past simply could not compete with a digital display’s ability to be updated at a moment’s notice, for negligible cost. When the dealership underwent recent renovations, management saw the perfect opportunity to make a change and implement an on-demand advertising solution using video wall digital signage solutions.

The main attraction of the dealership’s technology upgrade is the nearly 27-foot by four-foot video wall, mounted above the client welcoming area, designed to stop clients in their tracks. Comprised of 16 ultra-thin bezel, 46” HD monitors in a 8×2 configuration, the display can present a single large image or up to four advertisements side-by-side.

To maximize the video wall’s utility, the Diversified team installed a digital video matrix that includes five distinct video sources and allows the dealership to split the display into four 2×2 sections, each with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and maximum resolution of 1920×1080, or two 4×2 sections with 32:9 aspect ratios and maximum resolutions of 3840×1080. With all these different display possibilities, it was paramount that the system be easy to access and adjust quickly.

In addition to the video wall, the installation includes nine individual HD displays throughout the building that each have a dedicated video feed delivered through the matrix switcher. This affords even greater flexibility so the managers can decide what images or video they want on each screen throughout the day. The digital video matrix, audio amplifier and all source input devices are conveniently located in a single equipment rack, completely hidden from view in the building’s telecom room. The signal for the two audio speakers adjacent to the video wall originates from the matrix switcher, so they can play audio from any one of the six input sources.

Upgrading to digital signage has afforded Volkswagon the opportunity to cater and respond to changing client preferences and demands, no matter how frequently they might fluctaute, without the added cost of printed advertisements.


  • Best Retail Project North America 2017 Winner – Integration Awards

CIBC Toronto Pearson Airport

CIBC Toronto Pearson Airport

Delivering brand messaging via airport LED video wall digital signage

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s (CIBC) banking presence at Toronto Pearson International Airport needed a boost. The bank wanted to drive more traffic and deliver changing brand messages, 24/7 within the bustling airport, which would require an engaging LED Video wall digital signage solution.

The area designated for the signage was a beautiful space in Terminal 1, below the airport ceiling, above the newly built branch bank. Sitting high above the branch, the display would be visible from greater distances, delivering maximum impact.

The solution’s content design would be created by a leading Toronto digital design company who needed a technology solutions provider that was equally as creative with the experience and technical know-how to help bring their vision to life. The Diversified team built an exact replica of the airport LED video wall in their Toronto Assessment Center showroom to ensure that every detail—technical, structural and aesthetic — was covered. This way, the client was able to compare and select the technology best suited to the application.

Diversified also invited CIBC’s ad agency into the facility, so that they could test and perfect their customized content for the display. Additionally, a structural engineer was brought into the project to measure infrastructure strength in the airport’s ceiling.

The client ultimately chose a Leyard 6mm pixel-pitch airport LED video wall. Thin and lightweight, it’s ideal in a hanging application. Pixels can be calibrated individually to ensure uniform color and brightness—essential to reproducing CIBC’s brand colors with perfect consistency. In the busy airport environment, the display views well at all angles as a continuous, seamless digital surface. It’s also an environmentally friendly, energy-conscious power-supply design, all important elements for a public space and a conscientious brand.

Armani Exchange

Armani Exchange

Increasing Brand Awareness and Sales Revenue Through Custom Digital Signage

Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) was retained to create a single brand experience for the Armani Exchange global digital signage network, to be managed 24/7 from its network operations center in the United States. Armani Exchange had a need for a sophisticated and elegant design that would fit in with the overall look and feel of the retail brand.

Diversified was requested to allow the various retail operators that were licensing the Armani Exchange brand to have the option for a full system build or to purchase the network infrastructure and do the local build-out on their own. As part of its international footprint, DMG has been working with various retail development teams including the Al Tayer Group. As such, Al Tayer chose to work with Diversified for a full system build with remote engineering support for its Armani locations across the globe including Mall 360 in Kuwait.

Diversified provides technical design and consulting, content management, and monitoring for the Mall 360 system. The world-renowned brand is using synchronous playback software across five screens with ultra-thin bezels. Diversified created a 1 x 5 visual canvas delivering a meaningful retail experience that is seamless to the viewer and easy to maintain and operate.

Diversified continues to provide Armani Exchange with exclusive 24/7 diagnostic oversight using advanced SNMP monitoring software. Additionally, DMG provides all content encoding as well as complete content management with reporting and audit services.