Humberview Volkswagen

Outfitting Auto Dealership with on-demand advertising possibilities through Digital Signage

Humberview Volkswagen recognized that the static, printed advertisements of the past simply could not compete with a digital display’s ability to be updated at a moment’s notice, for negligible cost. When the dealership underwent recent renovations, management saw the perfect opportunity to make a change and implement an on-demand advertising solution using video wall digital signage solutions.

The main attraction of the dealership’s technology upgrade is the nearly 27-foot by four-foot video wall, mounted above the client welcoming area, designed to stop clients in their tracks. Comprised of 16 ultra-thin bezel, 46” HD monitors in a 8×2 configuration, the display can present a single large image or up to four advertisements side-by-side.

To maximize the video wall’s utility, the Diversified team installed a digital video matrix that includes five distinct video sources and allows the dealership to split the display into four 2×2 sections, each with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and maximum resolution of 1920×1080, or two 4×2 sections with 32:9 aspect ratios and maximum resolutions of 3840×1080. With all these different display possibilities, it was paramount that the system be easy to access and adjust quickly.

In addition to the video wall, the installation includes nine individual HD displays throughout the building that each have a dedicated video feed delivered through the matrix switcher. This affords even greater flexibility so the managers can decide what images or video they want on each screen throughout the day. The digital video matrix, audio amplifier and all source input devices are conveniently located in a single equipment rack, completely hidden from view in the building’s telecom room. The signal for the two audio speakers adjacent to the video wall originates from the matrix switcher, so they can play audio from any one of the six input sources.

Upgrading to digital signage has afforded Volkswagon the opportunity to cater and respond to changing client preferences and demands, no matter how frequently they might fluctaute, without the added cost of printed advertisements.


  • Best Retail Project North America 2017 Winner – Integration Awards