NFL Los Angeles

NFL Los Angeles

New West Coast Headquarters Wows with Immersive and Cloud-Based Media Technologies

Located at Hollywood Park, the NFL’s 450,000 sq ft Los Angeles headquarters delivers 214,000 sq ft of office space and an expansive nearly 75,000 sq feet of studio and studio support space to serve as the home for NFL Network,, NFL RedZone, the NFL app and other departments involved in the league’s media and business operations.

The new West Coast hub was designed to increase productivity and improve workflows for its many media operations. The state-of-the-art IP-based, 4K- and HDR-capable production facility took nearly four years to conceive, design, build and integrate based on SMPTE ST 2110 standards for media-over-IP production. NFL Media leveraged Diversified’s comprehensive breadth of technology solutions and services, including media and entertainment, AV, digital media and IT to fulfill its modern technology needs throughout the facility.

“Since the launch of NFL Network in 2003, the NFL and its media operations have become a go-to source for news, entertainment and engagement for millions of football fans around the globe,” said David Jurenka, senior vice president of NFL Media and general manager, Los Angeles. “We are thrilled to relocate our operations into a space that puts us closer to the game than ever before and places the NFL at the center of what will be the next great global entertainment destination with the amazing SoFi Stadium in our backyard.”

Completed spaces include collaboration and conference rooms, huddle spaces, cafe, multipurpose room, screening room, IT NOC, innovation lab, five production and one podcast studio, six NFL production and audio control rooms and three portable remote packages with four camera systems, eighteen edit rooms, two audio sweetening and 90 desktop editors and a massive curved videowall in the lobby to welcome all! A whopping 738 displays and 1400 strands of fiber connect it all. And, with more than 258 miles of Cat6A ethernet and Cat5E cabling, NFL Media is currently producing 1080p60 broadcasts with Dolby 5.1 audio but is capable of scaling to any format in the future, including HDR or 8K, thanks to its robust IP infrastructure.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech

Players’ Lounge Combines Modern Entertainment with Enhanced Recruiting Technology

The words college football immediately bring to mind stadiums, excitement, fans and probably some tailgating. However, in order to get players prepared to hit the field for the big game, coaches and teams know that it’s just as important to have a place for the players to bond and relax off the field as well.

When the Virginia Tech Football and Athletics Media team wanted to renovate their 7,000 sq. ft. players’ lounge, they turned to longtime partner, Diversified, to deliver a space that would offer student athletes a place to relax and bond with their fellow teammates. Their goal was to provide the atmosphere of a modern entertainment complex with a unique team-centric design that would reinforce the team identity. From gaming systems and a theater to arcade games and pool tables, the finished space offers a sanctuary for players to blow off steam and enjoy team fellowship. The space even features two new LG DVLED all-in-ones used for post-game shows and other presentations. With so many displays throughout the lounge, acoustics were designed and deployed to perfection to ensure that the viewer only heard the audio relative to their specific display and content.

However, the new Sanghani Player Lounge is not only designed with current players in mind. New recruits and their families also frequent the space during campus visits, getting a behind the scenes look at the student athlete environment. In addition to the entertainment-focused lounge area, the renovation also expanded the office areas for Tech’s player personnel and recruiting staff. These areas now include a collaborative conference space within the recruiting office, enabling a more functional virtual recruiting experience.

“The identity of Virginia Tech Football has been built around a blue-collar work ethic and a close-knit family environment,” said Mehul Sanghani, Virginia Tech alum and longtime donor. “We hope that this investment in the player’s lounge and our recruiting infrastructure creates an environment for our former players to come back and reinforce that identity, our current players to build the bonds that make that family environment tangible and attract future elite Hokies that want to be a part of continuing that legacy.”

Villanova University Performing Arts Center

Villanova University Performing Arts Center

From the Courts to the Big Stage, Villanova Provides all its Students a Chance at the Spotlight

Villanova University, a private research university, is likely best known for its annual appearance in March Madness. As a result, the school’s prowess on the stage and in the rehearsal room, while strong, has been historically overshadowed by its Division I basketball team. That story, however, won’t be told for much longer now that the University’s creative community has found itself in a new, $60 million showstopper of a home—the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts.

The goal of the project was to construct a state-of-the-art performing arts center to support performances, creativity, engagement and exploration, enriching Villanova’s campus and enhancing educational opportunities. Diversified was selected as the AV systems solutions provider on this project for several reasons, including the company’s technological expertise and capability to deliver high complexity systems in the higher education and performing arts space.

The 85,000-square-foot campus hub boasts multiple professional-grade performance venues and support spaces within a single building to include a 400-seat proscenium theater, a 200-seat black-box theater and a 75-seat Performance Lab for more intimate and experimental productions, as well as classrooms, conference rooms, dance studio, multipurpose rooms and offices.

Diversified was able to provide much needed consultation with regards to live events, large venue audio and performance venue technology implementation with a solution that includes collaboration, unified communications, PA and live venue sound technologies. The video core of the system is a Crestron DM matrix switcher which interconnects most of the AV systems in the building. The proscenium theater features a Clair Brothers speaker system, Midas console, QSC QSys DSP, and Shure microphones. The building also utilizes a Clearcom intercom system for communication among the technical team throughout.

Despite many challenges with construction and the technology selected, Diversified was able to deliver a world class system for Villanova and now, students and audiences alike will benefit from the variety of performance opportunity such spaces and technologies can offer.

CBS News Washington Bureau

CBS News Washington Bureau

New Downtown Facility and Tech Upgrades Allow CBS News to Expand its Reach in the Nations Capital

The CBS News Washington Bureau, home to the long running “Face the Nation” sought to upgrade its footprint in the U.S. capital through a land swap that involved developer Tishman Speyer acquiring and combining the lot adjacent to the Bureau’s longstanding location in downtown Washington. As part of the multi-phased construction effort, CBS needed a technology partner to design and build a new facility and tech updgrades that would support its series of live and recorded national and international programs for the next 20 years.

Through an advanced design based on an efficient, hybrid IP core facility and highly networked audio and media file workflows, Diversified collaborated closely with CBS to deliver on time and on budget, helping them avoid potential real estate penalties they would have incurred for having to extend their existing lease.

Roughly a year later, CBS decided to move the origination of “CBS Evening News”to Washington, resulting in a requirement for a new studio set within the recently opened Bureau. The facility’s infrastructure had to be expanded and a new graphics processing platform needed to be implemented to support the large number of video walls included in the revised set design.

The new graphics system is based on a VizRT Multiplay Graphics Platform and supports a showpiece studio featuring more than 40 million LED pixels spread across 17 video walls that typically display topical videos and graphics as well as stylized Washington backdrops. The existing Evertz ATP solution was expanded to provide the additional video signal path connectivity between Washington and New York.

Using its institutional knowledge from the previous phase, paired with the engineering expertise the multiple vendor partners are known for, Diversified was able to complete the project within an aggressive timeline and meet all of the high-level facility and tech updgrades CBS had put forward.

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Immersive Exhibit Technology Helps to Tell the Story of Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

W.L. Gore, award-winning developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers, set out to completely reinvent the tour experience within their W.L. Gore Capabilities Center while adding functionality and flexibility to existing systems. As a foundation, Gore was seeking a system that could meet the primary requirements of their Overview Tour, which features six main exhibits showcasing its corporate community and culture, focus on technology and product performance, and the story of the teams they work with. Thinking ahead, Gore also sought to expand the immersive exhibit technology to existing functionality to allow for any new use cases they could dream up in the future, including a science fair-style session showcasing IP content, a large audience board meeting, or social gatherings.

The systems needed to be incredibly reliable as they are used all day, every day for multiple tours and sessions. Additionally, the new systems and the content that they displayed needed to create a compelling experience and truly immerse the visitor in the story they were being told. To accomplish these goals, Diversified was brought into the project by Bluecadet, an experience strategy and design agency, who was responsible for not only redesigning the spatial experience but also generating all the custom, ultra-HD content and interactive applications.

“Diversified was a critical partner in the success of the Gore Capabilities Center. [They] designed and built a complex and elegant AV solution resulting in an incredibly successful project.”

Ellen Freifeld, Executive Producer, Bluecadet

Through systems expertise and years of proven experience, Diversified provided W.L. Gore the design, development, testing, fabrication, and deployment of the latest in immersive exhibit technology to include projection mapping, 4K LED video walls, interactive touch displays and high-performance media technology that turned Bluecadet’s experience design concept into a reality. What’s more, the duo was able to deliver this unique experience on an aggressive timeline of only three months.

Now reopened to the public, the newly upgraded Capabilities Center mirrors the forward-thinking nature of W.L. Gore itself with modern technology solutions and an incredibility compelling story that is sure to catch the eye of many for years to come.

Photo Credit: Bluecadet

NBCUniversal Boston Media Center

NBCUniversal Boston Media Center

Combining Two Locations & Four Properties into a Single Facility – All Built on SMPTE ST 2110 Standards

When NBCUniversal wanted to update and combine their Boston locations, they engaged Diversified’s team of industry experts to help design and deliver a new facility all built on SMPTE ST 2110 Standards that would enable them to adapt to the future and grow with the industry. With a strict timeline and four properties to go live in the new 160,000 square-foot building, there was no margin for error.

Built entirely on SMPTE ST 2110 standard, the facility is completely engineeredwith a focus on IP and collaboration. The four business units, NBC Boston, NBC Sports Boston, Telemundo Boston and New England Cable News, are supported by five production control rooms, a 12-seat Media Operations Center and a 14-seat assignment desk. With Evertz EXE routing at the core of the facility, it’s additionally outfitted with Ross Acuity switchers, Harmonic play-out and record server channels, 44 live processing paths, SSL System T audio packages and an RTS ODIN Intercom. Ross Xpression is used for news graphics while ChyronHego is used for sports content.

Each of the six studios features a Sony cameras on Ross CamBot pedestals with CueScript prompters. Even the break room is designed to be camera ready if needed. Outside of the studios, the 265-desk newsroom offers NBC a new level of collaboration.

With so many manufacturers contributing to the project, the Diversified team not only managed their own scope but also provided management and coordination services on behalf of the client to support the dozens of vendors working on-site during the extended commissioning process.

Leveraging Diversified’s comprehensive portfolio of services, the team also provided the architectural coordination, structured cabling design and installation, and AV collaboration spaces for the entire facility—including 20 conference rooms and huddle spaces. In total, the facility contains more than 1.5 million feet of cable, 19,000+ connectors, 5 satellite dishes and 595 drawings.


Sports Video Group News

JLL Aon Center

Jones Lange Lasalle Aon Center

LED Lobby Space Renovation Creates Stunning Visual Experience in this Famous Chicago Skyscraper

When the Aon Center, one of Chicago’s most famous and recognizable buildings, began a full atrium and LED lobby space renovation, they knew they needed to ‘WOW’ those who saw the space after the renovations were complete. The real estate developer, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), was looking for a way to make the space not only more inviting and brighter, but also cutting-edge. With that in mind, Diversified and NanoLumens came to the table with a display solution that was not only easy to update, but also designed to support easy maintenance. Not to mention, it was much more affordable in comparison to other visual display solutions previously considered. A combination that simply couldn’t be beat.

The solution features two enormous LED displays that create a floor-to-ceiling digital wall that invites tenants and guests to experience stunning Chicago-themed visuals on a massive scale. With such a large space, there was no question the use of LED technology was the way to go. A projection system would have been expensive and massively complicated, while a traditional multi-panel video wall could not compete with LED’s seamless presentation capabilities and low weight and power requirements. The two 42’W x 10’H 4mm pixel-pitch displays measure a total of 840 square-feet and show five three-minute videos on a constant loop, creating a truly immersive experience. Additionally, JLL wanted to maintain the display themselves for long-term performance and immediate troubleshooting. So, they purchased extra Nixels and had associates learn how to install them. If any individual pixel or Nixel has an issue, it can be swapped out for a new one in minutes rather than days or weeks.

For tenants, visitors and even passersby, this massive installation breathes life into the Aon Center’s lobby space renovation. JLL couldn’t have been happier with the overall aesthetic and ease-of-use of the solution provided and look forward to the opportunities the attraction will provide their building for years to come.

Indiana University Franklin Hall

Indiana University Franklin Hall

Renovation Calls for Digital Media Technology to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Talent

Franklin Hall is a prominent tour stop for visitors and prospective students at the Bloomington campus of Indiana University (IU). It features an impressively large two-story-high commons and is a branding image for the University. It is especially important for the students and faculty of The Media School who affectionately call it home. The aesthetics and functionality of the space are used to attract and retain the next generation of exceptional media professionals. Thus, Franklin Hall needed a makeover, and digital media technology in the commons was an essential component
of the renovation.

At the core of this makeover is a 24’W x 12’H LED video wall that looks like it is floating under the glass ceiling. Furthermore, the backend technology provides for more than a simple viewing experience. Students and faculty can interact with the digital wall using a variety of inputs, including laptop PCs, cable boxes and a gaming cart with the most up-to-date gaming consoles. Several content sources, including a live feed from the adjacent student control room and digital signage from the campus network, can all be displayed on the screen simultaneously, with the ability to resize and reconfigure images by recalling selected layouts or presets on the touch panel. Additionally, there are three input locations where users can plug into the system—
local connection spots that also allow the custom credenza housing Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U gaming consoles to move around the space.

Using this digital media technology, the IU Media School team can now display customized messaging with their internal digital signage platform while at that same time, the all-important IU Hoosiers sporting games are a mere click away. “WOW,” typically is the summative expression many use when entering the space. Most say it’s not something you expect to see in a higher education lobby. The digital display is crystal clear, bright and easily viewable even in its high ambient light space. Students say that the display’s “floating look” – even though it is suspended by aircraft cable above, feels very “futuristic.”

Comcast Xfinity Flagship Stores

Comcast Xfinity Flagship Stores

Comcast Creates Experiential Brand Experience in Key Markets

Comcast’s business has grown and expanded rapidly in recent years.  When Comcast began expanding with neighborhood retail stores, they engaged Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) to help realize their overall vision for the retail store experience.  DMG worked with Comcast and their architects to develop and deploy an immersive and engaging experiential brand experience for clients.  With a range of visual displays, interactive experiences and technical functionality tailored to each store’s unique requirements, DMG has designed and deployed digital systems to help reinforce merchandising concepts and support each client’s self-discovery during their store journey.  Specific elements include large-format video walls, integrated merchandising displays, and interactive client experiences.

With several hundred neighborhood stores already deployed, DMG now also supports Comcast’s evolution to larger format flagship stores in Philadelphia, Chicago, DC and at the Atlanta Braves SunTrust Park locations.  These new stores highlight the XFINITY integrated home product offerings and are designed to encourage consumers to explore the full range of Comcast products and services. For each of these completely custom marquis stores DMG designed and deployed a comprehensive experiential brand experience AV system which includes:

  • Direct-view LED displays custom-fitted to integrate with the unique architectural features of each store, such as columns and bulkheads, allowing tailored video and animated elements to change the visual appearance of interior environment
  • Whole store takeover functionality allowing all display screens to be periodically taken over with a single, unified message synchronized across the entire store environment.
  • Highly immersive virtual reality client experiences showcasing select XFINITY products
  • Cinematic showcase areas within the store supporting special events, training and store associate communications

Comcast’s business evolves and prospers, DMG remains engaged and serving as their trusted digital solutions partner

USNS Mercy

USNS Mercy

Advanced AV Systems Enhance Ship-to-Shore Communications

The Mercy hospital ship is a vital resource for the United States Navy with 12 operating rooms and a total patient capacity of 1,000 beds. Her primary mission is to provide rapid mobile acute medical and surgical services to support Marine Corps, Army and Air Force units. Her secondary mission is to provide mobile surgical hospital service for the U.S. government in disaster or humanitarian relief. To support these missions, advanced AV systems were needed for the ship’s closed-circuit TV, secure and non-secure video conferencing capabilities across four mess halls, which serve as central points for ship-to-shore communication, and in the Admiral’s conference room.

The four mess halls; Main, Junior Officers, Senior Officers and Chief, each received multiple large format displays to relay video content and AV rack systems to house the control equipment. The Main and Junior Officers’ systems utilize a Crestron control processor and Extron switchers for all video and switching, ClearOne for audio switching and mixing, and wireless microphone components. Tannoy ceiling loudspeakers installed in the space provide reinforced audio and are powered by TOA amplifiers. The system rack includes a custom-programmed touch panel that provides advanced routing control. Three additional wall-mounted keypads placed around the rooms support basic AV functions. When video conferencing is necessary, a codec is brought in by the ship’s IT personnel and connects to the rack system.

The Senior Officers’ mess area is equipped with an interactive display for on-screen annotation and programmed for two AV zones with secure and non-secure video conferencing capability. The Chief’s mess area has a single display and wireless touch panel so presenters can sit anywhere in the room and control basic AV functions.

The Admiral’s conference room is the smallest of the shipboard venues but the most advanced and secure in capabilities. To assist the ship’s IT department in monitoring all AV systems and displays throughout the 894-foot ship, Diversified integrated Crestron’s e-control system.

Due to the high demand for this vessel, Diversified engineered and installed the advanced AV systems quickly within a tight timeline. Working with the on-site IT team, they expedited the project running cables through bulkheads, welding mounts to the ship’s support structure and reinforcing ceiling speaker tiles to prevent movement while the ship is out to sea. The USNS Mercy now has the advanced AV system capabilities needed to more effectively meet and relay ship-to-shore communications in support of each mission.