Eastern Hills Community Church

Eastern Hills Community Church

Delivering an Award-Winning, High-Impact Church AV System on a Firm Budget and Aggressive Timeline

Diversified was approached by Eastern Hills Community Church in late January to fully transform their lighting and video systems in time for Easter – less than 3 months away! As the final phase of a 3 year long upgrade, the primary goals of the church AV system were to create a multi-layered modern theatrical lighting system with high color saturation that would be capable of a variety of looks and feels from the same design, alongside a center LED wall as a digital canvas to replace a 55” flat panel TV during teaching and repositioned IMAG side screens.

“The difference with Diversified’s process and team…fast, efficient and excellent. So good.”
Phil EuBank, Senior Pastor

So with a firm budget and aggressive timeline, the Diversified team went to work creating a design concept that would meet the church’s creative requirements.

The lighting system is centered around LED wash and spot fixtures for key light and stage design. Every fixture’s output can be repositioned from the console, easily enabling a variety of stage configurations as well as minimizing the total number of required fixtures. This allows for a smaller quantity of higher quality fixtures than would otherwise be possible.

The center digital canvas display is ground supported LED panels with processing and a media server that provides content to the screen, controlled by the church’s console. Diversified even added a “video cross” comprised of 7 LED panels as installation neared completion to help maintain focus on the crucial symbol but in a modern and fresh way. Its digital content flexibility enables the cross to match any stage design and has made it a favorite component of the finished system.

Successfully transitioning the room from the old, worn out system to the new one ahead of schedule, the Diversified team was able to give the church staff 2 extra days for training and programming to prepare for the first services with the new system.

The project received the WFX 2019 Solomon Award for Best Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design (801 – 2,000 seats) and the church’s leadership team highly praised the system’s impact on their worship environment, as well as the fact that it didn’t come alongside any debt.

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Eastern Hills Community Church in the Media

2019 WFX Solomon Award for Best Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

Digital Media Consulting Delivers a First-to-New-York Observation Deck Experience

Hudson Yards is unlike anything built before—a living, breathing neighborhood that features first-to-New-York experiences. One of the most memorable, the Observation Deck, takes visitors on an experiential journey that celebrates the thrill of the Hudson Yards transformation from a busy rail yard to a magnificent “Future City.” The owner and the architect/design firm planned a fully immersive audio/video/lighting creative journey from the entry level at 30 Hudson Yards to the rooftop Observation Deck on the 67th floor.

They engaged Diversified’s digital media consulting services to engineer their vision and provide the design development package and bill of materials for equipment and services. Diversified began the project by participating in programming meetings to further understand the desired solution, AV/IT infrastructures, physical facility ergonomics, values and practices. Next followed a discussion about what was programmatically and technically necessary to support the desired experience on the 4th, 5th, 67th, and 68th floors along with the shuttle elevators and roof-deck. Diversified’s digital media consulting analysis included research and recommendation of: the type of exhibit systems best suited for each exhibit element; alternate and innovative technologies to achieve the desired design solution for exhibits and the overall budgetary goals; and, a content management system (CMS) to ensure seamless integration into the exhibit systems and meet the individual needs of each exhibit space.

Once the equipment and space requirements were determined, Diversified proceeded with the development of space planning. The detailed design included any accommodations related to the elements in scope, including location and dimensions of all equipment racks, consoles and other technical equipment; system conduit, cable tray, riser, and cabling requirements; low and high voltage accommodation drawings including signal group separation and grounding requirements; electrical and heat loading requirements and preliminary equipment lists and refined budgets.

The design development package brings the owner’s vision for the Observation Deck to life and makes it one step closer to becoming a first-to-New-York experience.




With eBay’s newest addition to its Silicon Valley campus, Main Street, the company sought to reinvigorate its brand identity, reinvent its culture and reenergize its associates. The new building serves as the entrance to the campus, welcoming associates and partners into an immersive, media-rich environment that captures the organization’s culture and engages its visitors.

The iconic LED videowall installation in the Main Street Hall spans 45 feet wide by 12 foot high in a five-screen, 2.5 mm configuration. Partnering with New York-based ESI Design to transform the space, their imagination and designs provided the foundation for Diversified to engineer and deliver custom LED videowall installation solutions unparalleled by anything else in the market, complete with innovative and interactive digital content via the Signet digital signage network.

“This display floats in front of a glass wall with zero bezel around it. The LED goes right to the edge.”
Adam Lopez, Diversified Account Executive

“Diversified’s engineers worked closely with the architect and structural engineers to build a steel, load-bearing structure that suspended the display four feet away from the wall and 10 feet in elevation above the stage. The outcome was amazing: the iconic LED floating in front of glass with redwood trees behind it.”

Additionally, Diversified took great care in designing and mocking up the 1.6 mm LED dual-sided columns in the lobby and cafe. Diversified brought one of the steel beams into its shop and mocked up the LED columns with a perforated steel housing around the sides to create the necessary air flow and a custom glass front for protection. The columns were then custom fabricated with an aircraft cable system that actually lowers the LEDs for future servicing.

Through the skillful integration of hardware, motion sensors and a 32-point touch system, the Diversified team delivered a custom solution that captures the activity of eBay’s website in real-time, from users around the globe, and presents those transactions in fun and engaging ways that provide a more imaginative and meaningful visualization of the company.

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Boston Museum of Science

Boston Museum of Science

Ceiling-Mounted LED array is the first of its kind, spanning two wings of the museum

The Boston Museum of Science (BMOS) is a science museum and indoor zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, located in Science Park, a plot of land spanning the Charles River. Diversified’s Digital Media Group was contracted by Barco to install 490 ceiling-mounted LED tiles on the walkway bridge of the museum, which spans two wings of the museum on the edge of the main lobby. The video display required that front access kits be installed throughout the array for service access. Diversified was also engaged to design engineering services and fabrication of the head-end system.

The install involved a new product for Barco and Diversified – the Barco X2.7 tile. This was only the second installation of this product performed in the US to date and the first one to be ceiling-mounted. Product delivery struggles and construction delays resulted in Diversified’s portion of the install to happen after the museum re-opened the area to the public, causing the company to shift all resources to overnight hours. Existing site conditions created challenges as well as on-site re-work of the entire mounting structure / unistrut bridging that supported the entire LED array.

Diversified worked closely with the Barco and BMOS teams to achieve a very aggressive install schedule to meet the client’s deadline. Extensive bridging was implemented on-site to accommodate for existing infrastructure not accounted for in the initial design. Diversified completed all contract work and additional requested scope, including installation of a last-minute custom trim bezel that was added days before the grand opening.


Association of the United States Army

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA)

Flexible Meeting Space Technology Installation Gives “Wow Factor” Needed to Raise Funds for Troops

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Conference and Event Center is home to an inviting meeting facility with advanced technologies and amenities that will satisfy and exceed any event requirement. The flexible, state-of-the-art meeting space easily accommodates from five to 200 attendees in one adjoined space.

Before this project began, Diversified met with two retired Four Star Generals to discuss the technology needs and goals for AUSA’s new Conference and Event Center—to increase revenue, promote the U.S. Army and the 3 million members that have perished in the past 250 years, create a WOW factor that would bring visitors back, and provide a system for others to join remotely, efficiently and with high quality sound and video.

The technology design included integrated AV, security and networking across multiple areas—the reception, pre-function and main areas—with emphasis on digital signage and video conferencing capabilities. In reception, a landscape display features the schedule for the day and a portrait display is a touchscreen directory of the floors above. In the pre-function and main areas, Diversified built two interactive media walls—one 4’ x 16’ and the other 8’ x 16’. Each of these was custom designed in a wood enclosure with its own sustaining HVAC system. Additionally, Diversified deployed the entire IT system including servers, wireless access points (WAP), network connections and a centralized distribution system that allows all digital signage and content to be displayed, streamed, recorded or collaborated on in real time. Lastly, Diversified engineered and deployed a system for video surveillance and controlled access to secure the facility. The system includes cameras that can zoom far enough for facial and car tag analytics in real time. This information is captured and the system learns based upon the analytics it records.

AUSA now owns a beautiful space to host events and generate revenue for the organization. All components were designed to work together cohesively and support workflow, giving the generals exactly what they needed to reach their goals.


University of Wisconsin – School of Nursing

University of Wisconsin
School of Nursing

Transforming Higher Education
Through Collaborative Technology

Collaborative technology is transforming higher education, but perhaps nowhere is that change more evident or exciting than at the University of Wisconsin’s Madison School of Nursing. “It’s wonderful and a little bit scary,” says Jerzy “George” Jura, director of academic technology.

For the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Nursing Ph.D. programs, Diversified’s design team created two-tiered seminar rooms, each of which hold up to 60 students. Each room is equipped with video conferencing systems and collaborative technology so instructors can bring in guest lecturers or combine their classes with those at other locations. Each tier of the rooms holds two rows of tables, built to enable students in the front-most row to turn around and work in groups with those at the tables behind them. When they do so, they can share a laptop to create a full-class presentation or take notes on an 18”x 23” marker-board—a low-tech but useful device that can be shown on one or both side-by-side projection screens.

Additionally, the tables include push-to-talk microphones at each seat. “You can speak in a normal tone of voice, yet everyone can hear you clearly,” says Diversified account executive, Dave Ruddy. Furthermore, the rooms include digital recording systems so students can review what was covered via the University’s video-on-demand server. To facilitate those recordings and classroom-to-classroom video conferences, each microphone button triggers one of three, wall-mounted Vaddio cameras to zoom in on the person speaking. If a student mic is not active, the camera system defaults to a shot of the instructor. “It’s always our goal to make the rooms easy to operate, and I think we did that here,” Ruddy adds.

“Ironically,” Jura says, “I’ll have someone come in and ask, ‘Is it difficult to teach with all that technology?’ ‘No,’ I’ll answer. ‘It can be challenging to come up with good activities. But using the technology, pushing the right buttons, has never been an issue.’”


Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium

Video Control Room & Sound System Design Contribute to More Exciting Experience for Fans

Hard Rock Stadium is one of the premier venues in the NFL, in one of the most dynamic cities in the country. The stadium hosts the Miami Dolphins as well as some of the top bowl games, concerts and large events in the nation. It will also be home to Super Bowl LIV in 2020, celebrating the culmination of the league’s centennial 2019 season.

Diversified was thrilled to work with Hard Rock Stadium on a massive multi-phase renovation to make the game day experience more inclusive and exciting for the fans. Diversified was in a unique position to use their many resources and multi-faceted approach to integrate Hard Rock and solve the many challenges faced during the process. The project called for broadcast cabling, field sound and AV, large screen LED consultation, video control room and sound system design and integration, a preview center for prospective season ticket holders, and media asset management editing capability.

The project’s multi-phased approach, to be executed over three years, provided a multitude of challenges as far as scope and consistency. Diversified had to manage numerous areas of technology, all working in concert. The technical headquarters for the project was moved temporarily, which was a challenge as well. In all, the many moving pieces over a multi-year span required an air-tight project plan from the beginning. As pieces and players in the project changed, it was critical to know exactly where and what needed to be completed to stay on track. Also, working with multiple trades on the project with revised schedules meant we had to be flexible.

This was a comprehensive project that called for Diversified to utilize each area of our expertise. With our industry leading experience, Diversified successfully integrated each of these assets to make Hard Rock Stadium a modern and burgeoning venue that fans want to experience and the NFL wants to showcase


Levi’s Stadium

Levi’s Stadium

Collaboration and Teamwork, Just as Important in the Video Replay Control Room as On the Field

The spirit of collaboration was the glue that built Levi’s Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers. The team that built the $1.2 billion facility in Santa Clara, California is a who’s-who in the field of sports venues including HNTB Architects, Magnusson Klemencic Engineering, and general contractors Turner/Devcon (the core construction group).

The 49ers turned to an equally impressive group to meet their technology requirements. WJHW consultants developed the tech specs, Sony provided overall project management and core equipment, Daktronics brought expertise in large venue LED displays, and Diversified provided the boots-on-the-ground integration and support equipment and systems. This was truly a group capable of handling a project the size and scope of the Levi Stadium build.

The video replay control room was designed to leverage emerging 4k technology wherever possible including:

  • Sony F55 cameras and Canon lenses
  • Sony’s MVS-8000X production switcher
  • Evertz EQX/EMR routing
  • VIP-X multiviewers
  • Dream Catcher replay systems

These all fed the 4K large-screen LED display and an extensive IPTV network throughout the concourses and suites. The 4K-capable infrastructure is in place for easy upgrades and technology adds as they move forward. There’s a split control room with a “front bench” room for eyes on the game and the more graphics oriented “back bench” room across the hall.

The 49ers have an amazing, tech-forward replay control room, created through a collaboration of Diversified and other top-tier companies in the sports-venue market.

The 49ers have an amazing, tech-forward replay control room created with the help of Diversified.


Samuel Merritt University

Samuel Merritt University

User-Friendly Video Conferencing Systems with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Samuel Merritt is a private university based in Oakland, CA that engaged Diversified to design and install video conferencing rooms for its campuses in Sacramento and San Mateo. The goal for the design in both locations was easy-to-use video conferencing systems that the IT department could remotely monitor. In San Mateo, Diversified installed a boardroom-style conference room with seating for 30. The team installed hard-wired boundary mics on the table, which is shaped like a ‘V’ to allow unobstructed camera views of all who are seated. They also included a wireless system with hand-held mics and lavalieres for presenters.

In Sacramento, Diversified installed a 48-seat classroom for lectures and faculty meetings. Here, table mics were not an option since tables are moved according to the needs of the class. Instead, Diversified used ClearOne Ceiling Microphone Arrays, which hang over the students and include three unidirectional microphone elements arranged to provide 360-degree coverage. Diversified used only four arrays for the entire room, and the sound quality is virtually identical to the table mics.

In each room, Diversified installed two 70” displays with conferencing systems based on Cisco codecs that provide 1080p resolution over an IP network. A PTZ camera is mounted between the displays to capture images of the students and another on the back wall to capture images of the instructor. To optimize audio, the team included a Biamp processor for mixing, graphic equalization, filtering, and the echo cancellation that’s critical to a room-to-room call. “Students are able to collaborate anywhere within the classroom, with no limitations. The sound system provides the flexibility to speak freely,” says Marcus Walton.

AMX touch screens give instructors visual operating menus for every system, from volume levels to camera controls. For video calls, the system connects automatically without instructor input. “We add each class to the schedule and the systems turn themselves on and make the connection. They’re ready when the instructors and students walk into the classroom,” says Blair Simmons, Director of IT Services. Given the possibilities for error, the IT department monitors each video class and local uses.


University of Oregon – Football Complex

University of Oregon – Football Complex

Using the Latest Technology to Educate, Motivate, Train and Recruit Athletes

When the University of Oregon set out to build the Hatfield-Dowlin Center—a new, state-of-the-art football center—they knew it had to be a model of efficiency and effectiveness. The design team had four areas to address:

  1. Education. The building and adjoining practice fields would focus intensively on teaching the game of football.
  2. Fitness. A weight room, 40-yard timing track, cafeteria and nutrition center would help student athletes achieve their personal best.
  3. Motivation. Winning takes more than fitness and skill. The building would need to help the student athletes want to do their best, as well as help them get to know each other and work together closely.
  4. Recruiting. The team wanted to make sure they had all the tools they could muster to bring in the best athletes from all over the country.

Eric Day, assistant video coordinator for Oregon Football spends a great deal of his time securing, organizing and helping coaches and players view video clips of games and practice sessions. As such, the video systems within the Center are designed to optimize the creation and playback of these clips. “We installed a broadcast production system using fiber optic cables, 4K cameras, nonlinear editing and a 70 x 70 SDI switcher that runs through the entire facility and onto the practice fields,” explains Eric Boyd, Systems Integration Manager for Diversified.

A playback network using Crestron DigitalMedia technology extends into two team theaters, nine position meeting rooms, 12 coaches offices, and three coaches meeting rooms, as well as a large dining room, players and coaches locker rooms, a recruitment center, players and recruitment lounges, a media interview room, and the weight and fitness rooms. The DM network includes ten matrix switchers ranging from 8×8 to 32×32 in size. Boyd comments, “Because of how we connected the systems and the availability of the content, any room can, and does, become a teaching space.”


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