Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Design And Construct For A Range Of Meeting, Conference, Live Event And Function Services

The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) sought out to upgrade its conferencing and digital signage solutions and engaged Diversified as the technology solutions provider for the job.

A PADS4 digital signage solution was selected to display content across 38 digital screens throughout the Centre, connected by a central server on the PCEC network, which included the server software and authoring software. All digital content, including room bookings, advertising and menu options, is individually addressable on each screen.

In addition, two 4×55-inch screen displays were installed on a customized bracket in each of the foyers and Riverside Theatre areas. Fourteen 32-inch displays were wall-mounted in meeting and river rooms, as well as fourteen 40-inch displays wall mounted in level one and across kiosks.

An administration PC is housed in the kiosk area, which was loaded with the PADS4 authoring software, allowing for content scheduling.

Diversified also designed the content for the PCEC signage, a design suite that is clear, concise and effectively communicates important information to visitors. The content included an array of templates to cater to the venue’s extensive communication requirements, whether it is welcome messages, wayfinding or promotion of events.

Working alongside key PCEC stakeholders, Diversified designed digital signage solutions, content and templates for PADS4, allowing the client to design, schedule and distribute any type of content and have it displayed wherever, whenever they want.



Providing an Unsurpassed Visual Impact with
Larger-Than-Life Digital Content in Times Square

This spectacular 25,000+ square-foot HD digital billboard spans the Broadway facade of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. The mammoth, football field-length Mitsubishi screen, the feature element of the renovation and expansion of retail space at the hotel, provides vibrant, crystal-clear images for unsurpassed visual impact.

Mitsubishi selected Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) to design, furnish and install the content management and monitoring systems for the display as well as provide ongoing content management and support services.

The solution involved creating multiple display options, and has the capability to fill the entire screen with a single advertiser’s images; display pictures from multiple advertisers/tenants  simultaneously; and support live events as needed.

The Diversified project team conducted a thorough evaluation and discovery of Mitsubishi’s proposal requests and requirements. Working in tandem with Diversified’s experts in digital signage, stadium LED, broadcast, content creation and managed services, the team developed and executed a robust, flexible solution to meet the client’s needs. Utilizing YCD  multimedia software as the playback platform, this system also included interactive capabilities.

For the billboard’s first full-screen client, Google, Diversified supported bringing live interactive games to the display. The high-impact Vornado-Marriott LED display is a conceptually unified, customizable digital canvas for retail branding and advertising. Diversified’s fluid content management and monitoring system allows  tne or more advertisers to promote brands on the largest single LCD screen in North America, a breathtaking focal point for the more than 300,000 pedestrians who pass through Times Square each day.


Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium

Video Control Room & Sound System Design Contribute to More Exciting Experience for Fans

Hard Rock Stadium is one of the premier venues in the NFL, in one of the most dynamic cities in the country. The stadium hosts the Miami Dolphins as well as some of the top bowl games, concerts and large events in the nation. It will also be home to Super Bowl LIV in 2020, celebrating the culmination of the league’s centennial 2019 season.

Diversified was thrilled to work with Hard Rock Stadium on a massive multi-phase renovation to make the game day experience more inclusive and exciting for the fans. Diversified was in a unique position to use their many resources and multi-faceted approach to integrate Hard Rock and solve the many challenges faced during the process. The project called for broadcast cabling, field sound and AV, large screen LED consultation, video control room and sound system design and integration, a preview center for prospective season ticket holders, and media asset management editing capability.

The project’s multi-phased approach, to be executed over three years, provided a multitude of challenges as far as scope and consistency. Diversified had to manage numerous areas of technology, all working in concert. The technical headquarters for the project was moved temporarily, which was a challenge as well. In all, the many moving pieces over a multi-year span required an air-tight project plan from the beginning. As pieces and players in the project changed, it was critical to know exactly where and what needed to be completed to stay on track. Also, working with multiple trades on the project with revised schedules meant we had to be flexible.

This was a comprehensive project that called for Diversified to utilize each area of our expertise. With our industry leading experience, Diversified successfully integrated each of these assets to make Hard Rock Stadium a modern and burgeoning venue that fans want to experience and the NFL wants to showcase


Terrell Place

Terrell Place 

Breathing New Life into a Historic Building with Experiential Content Design

Featuring nearly 5 million LEDs installed on 1,700 square feet of wall, the Diversified team answered the call for creativity – designing the 80’ by 13’ interactive media wall to respond to the movement of people passing through the area. Fifteen ceilingmounted, thermal-imaging cameras capture occupant presence and movement within 20 feet of the wall, showcasing images of DC’s cherry trees across the seasons.

Gentle breezes give way to a flurry of petals as a body is detected. At times the scene is a burst of fireworks or an animation of the city’s iconic statuary, architecture or scenery.

Rather than projected imagery, this video wall diffusion fabric, with its 2,900 LEDs per square foot, is distinctly different from interactive installations commonly found in shopping malls or museums. The diodes, just 5ML in diameter, are installed behind an acrylic diffusion layer and are ventilated through an air cavity to keep them cool and operating efficiently. Planar Clarity Matrix LCDs are also featured in the installation, all of which are clearly visible from the street. Audio also plays a key role in the project as ambient sounds of nature, the city and music enhance the experience. The audio components include Clark Synthesis audio transducers that are cleverly concealed in walls, solid drive transducers mounted to the ceiling and four ceiling mounted Tannoy speakers for non-directional sound.

Once the site of a lunch counter protest against segregation in the 1950s, the lobby of Terrell Place is now covered with motion-activated media that brings the space to life. The lobby is now a living, breathing (literally) work of art.


Baylor University – Ferrell Center

Baylor University

College Sports Production Facility Upgrades are User Friendly for Students & Exciting for Fans

The Ferrell Center, home to Baylor University’s basketball and volleyball programs for more than 20 years, was slated for major sports production facility upgrades in 2014. The improvements would give the Bears an arena comparable to others in the Big 12 Conference. The Center’s video production facilities were included in the upgrade.

Diversified was already working on the University’s McLane Stadium HD-upgrade project, so it was a natural fit to utilize design elements that were common to both facilities. Diversified was able to properly size the new production center and provide room for expansion in the future.[1]

Once space was acquired, there was a tight deadline to get the project done; preferably before the start of the volleyball season but definitely in time for the start of basketball (carried on CBS Sports).

Also, as with the stadium project, Baylor’s sports productions are entirely run by students, working to gain experience or to earn class credits. Students using production systems needed to get up and running quickly without much training. The University also desired to get the room as close to the layout of the new McLane Stadium production center as the budget would allow.

Using the same project team from Diversified, and essentially the same design approach, the project was completed on time for the basketball season.

The Ferrell Center Control Room layout mimics that of the new McLane Stadium Room.

  • Since this was essentially a duplicate of the stadium build, the school decided to reuse a Ross video production switcher and one of the Abekas replay systems they already had to remain cost-effective and to make it easier and quicker for students to operate.
  • As with the stadium project, the core routing and terminal equipment solution came from
  • Sony cameras and Chyron character generation were also used, not only to mirror the stadium build but to allow Baylor to be graphics-compatible with the OB vans brought in by ESPN, FOX, and CBS.

Diversified helped Baylor University make the best use of a new space to produce and broadcast in HD, with plenty of room to integrate new technology in the future.

[1] By providing a dedicated open rack system that is fully cooled and separate from the operators.