National Geographic

National Geographic, Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Simple IT Infrastructure Provides Reliable Connectivity for Oceans of Fun and Exploration

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is an immersive exploration of the oceans. Located in Times Square, the Encounter exhibit makes use of technology and reliable IT infrastructure to give visitors the virtual ocean experience. The exhibit was developed and produced by the creative minds at SPE Partners, and a team of Oscar, Emmy, Grammy award winning artists along with technical consulting provided by Diversified.

National Geographic engaged Diversified early in the construction phase and worked in collaboration with SPE Partners through the design, build, and manage methodology. Diversified subject matter experts, key SPE Partner stakeholders and vendor partners met with Ocean Odyssey retail, physical security, social media and show team representatives to fully understand all of the business and functional requirements for the network. Diversified designed a complete wired and wireless network architecture, UCaaS solution, and end-to-end cyber security platform, ensuring clear segmentation and coverage based on the client’s needs. This included coordination with service providers to deliver adequate bandwidth and redundancy to meet the client’s requirements.

In order to deliver the network infrastructure more quickly so that all applications and trades could be online and connected, Diversified built the network infrastructure well before the exhibit construction was completed. This included staging the equipment and creating the cloud configurations prior to implementation which allowed for a physical plug-n-play network installation. The Diversified team stayed involved to help on-board all vendors and ensure proper go-live execution for the client.

Given the scope and scale of this exhibit, all parties agreed it was essential to implement ongoing support so the client could concentrate on client satisfaction. As a result, Diversified partnered with SPE Partners to provide a remote managed service to proactively manage their UCaaS, network, and cyber security solutions. This has proven to drive increased reliability and free their associates to focus on running the attraction, taking comfort in knowing their guests will have a great experience both walking through the exhibit and leveraging connectivity around them.

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

Digital Media Consulting Delivers a First-to-New-York Observation Deck Experience

Hudson Yards is unlike anything built before—a living, breathing neighborhood that features first-to-New-York experiences. One of the most memorable, the Observation Deck, takes visitors on an experiential journey that celebrates the thrill of the Hudson Yards transformation from a busy rail yard to a magnificent “Future City.” The owner and the architect/design firm planned a fully immersive audio/video/lighting creative journey from the entry level at 30 Hudson Yards to the rooftop Observation Deck on the 67th floor.

They engaged Diversified’s digital media consulting services to engineer their vision and provide the design development package and bill of materials for equipment and services. Diversified began the project by participating in programming meetings to further understand the desired solution, AV/IT infrastructures, physical facility ergonomics, values and practices. Next followed a discussion about what was programmatically and technically necessary to support the desired experience on the 4th, 5th, 67th, and 68th floors along with the shuttle elevators and roof-deck. Diversified’s digital media consulting analysis included research and recommendation of: the type of exhibit systems best suited for each exhibit element; alternate and innovative technologies to achieve the desired design solution for exhibits and the overall budgetary goals; and, a content management system (CMS) to ensure seamless integration into the exhibit systems and meet the individual needs of each exhibit space.

Once the equipment and space requirements were determined, Diversified proceeded with the development of space planning. The detailed design included any accommodations related to the elements in scope, including location and dimensions of all equipment racks, consoles and other technical equipment; system conduit, cable tray, riser, and cabling requirements; low and high voltage accommodation drawings including signal group separation and grounding requirements; electrical and heat loading requirements and preliminary equipment lists and refined budgets.

The design development package brings the owner’s vision for the Observation Deck to life and makes it one step closer to becoming a first-to-New-York experience.

Empire State Building: 80th Floor

Empire State Building: 80th Floor

Immersing Guests in the Vibrant Story of an Iconic Landmark Through Modern Technology and Interactive Exhibits

In the final phase of the Empire State Building’s (ESB) reimagined Observatory Experience, Diversified worked with Thinc to build upon previous phases and showcase the building’s unique attributes. Through modern technology and interactive exhibits, guests are immersed in the vibrant story of the building’s past, present and future from the time they step through the entrance to the moment they walk out onto the 86th and 102nd floor observatories.

Exhibits on the 80th floor include NYC: Above and Beyond, Artistry in Light, Stephen Wiltshire’s Drawing, Scenes of NYC, Most Photographed and Share Your Experience, all of which Diversified was intimately involved in bringing to life.

NYC: Above and Beyond, created in partnership with NYC & Company, encourages visitors to create a personalized trip itinerary from the top of the ESB, often their first stop in NYC, by using interactive exhibits made up of seven “blade” displays and a 2×3 LED video wall that shows inspiring destination highlights from each of the five boroughs. IR reflective material for the ESB windows was installed to help eliminate the distracting effects of direct sunlight hitting the screens as guests interact. Additionally, the blades are designed on a ceiling rail system that allows them to slide out of the way into a tight configuration near the video wall for events.

The Artistry in Light exhibit features a short film narrated by world-renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman to show guests how the ESB’s music-to-light shows are created via a four-display media array on two walls, each with self-contained audio sources to tell various parts of the story.

Next, guests are ushered into the Stephen Wiltshire’s Drawing exhibit, where a 75” high bright LED display shows a three-minute film documenting Wiltshire’s process of drawing the New York City skyline from his 45-minute helicopter ride to his time sketching the original piece of art from memory.

Then, in Scenes of NYC and Most Photographed, guests are immersed in the full experience of visiting New York City all from the interactive exhibits of one building. In Scenes of NYC, Diversified was the first to install electronics into the classic viewfinders—providing guests a virtual visit to various places across the city via nine Tower Optical Viewers that pan and tilt with the viewer. Locations are identified with signage overhead on the ceiling-mounted compass rose.

In Most Photographed, a 4×4, 1.2mm LED video wall showcases images taken from around the city with the ESB in the background, allowing guests to take a selfie from places they may not have had a chance to visit. An additional display to the side of the video wall credits the photographers whose photos are displayed.

Finally, Share Your Experience, boasts an interactive exhibit made up of four arrays of three vertically stacked touch displays that stunningly displays all photos from social media with the #EmpireStateBuilding hashtag, allowing guests to merge photos of their visit with those of other visitors from around the world. Guests can interact with the screen, touching any picture to enlarge it and take a closer look.

Through Diversified’s engineering and innovative solutions, the ESB has been able to create memorable experiences for visitors from around the world—memories they will have for years to come. A true icon with deep roots in American culture, this renovation has proven that the 88-year-old building will always stand the test of time and will forever be a global symbol of innovation and the American dream.

Learn more about Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this spectacular reimagination project.

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Empire State Building: Second Floor Exhibits

Empire State Building: Second Floor Exhibits

10,000 Square Feet of Modern Interactive Exhibits Tell the 100-Year Story of an Iconic Landmark

As part of its reimagined Observatory experience project, the Empire State Building (ESB)’s second floor exhibits take guests on a journey from the building’s construction to its current place in pop culture history. The immersive, modern interactive exhibits tell the full story from conception to reality of the creation of an internationally renowned landmark and Diversified, through its cutting-edge technology solutions and digital media expertise, helped the ESB bring that story to life.

Upon entrance to the second floor, short-throw projectors, LED video walls, HD displays and localized audio systems not only animate the progression of William F. Lamb’s iconic architectural drawings and the record time that the skyscraper was built, but also place guests right in the middle of 1920s Fifth Avenue via CGI and live action video, giving them a taste of what it meant to bring the landmark to the city at that time. Then, after seeing how the building was conceptualized, guests are ushered into a fully immersive experience of the building’s construction with animated photography displayed across four LED video walls and an LED ceiling, accented by ambient surround sound that brings them right into the scene. Additional LED displays throughout the exhibit, paired with highly produced digital content, provide insights into the building’s history of innovation and indirect wayfinding to its famous elevators, where video content covers their history, how they operate and why.

Next, guests are brought into a digital gallery created from a collection of media clips and stills of productions in which the ESB appears. The gallery itself is comprised of wall-mounted displays as well as 74 projection surfaces in five sizes, arranged around the perimeter to create a curved mosaic wall. A display on the back wall above the seating area contains a scrolling IMDb-like list of media elements and building trivia.

Last, but certainly not least, Diversified was instrumental in building the gallery’s showpiece King Kong exhibit. Through a combination of large HD displays, 4D media elements, animation, synced soundtrack and animatronics, the set provides an immersive environment that makes the guests feel like they are actually in the movie—rounding out a museum experience that is unlike any other in the world.

Missed Phase One? Check out the ESB Entrance and Grand Lobby here.

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Statue of Liberty Museum

Statue of Liberty Museum

Audio Visual & Digital Signage Technology Immerses Museum Visitors in a Tale of the American Dream

Over the course of three years, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation worked diligently together to bring the public a highly accessible museum experience that would immerse visitors in the emotional story of the Statue of Liberty, exploring how she has evolved from a national monument to a global icon, as well as the concept of liberty itself. As the new home of her original torch, the audio visual and digital signage technology immerses museum visitors at the forefront of each space to give the story the platform it deserves.

Among the galleries are an Immersive Theater, Star Mural Donor Wall, Engagement Gallery and Becoming Liberty, all built on a technology platform that is flexible and simple to operate while providing extensive redundancies for minimal downtime. Additionally, the technology platform is based on digital, solid-state components wherever possible and all displays use laser-phosphor or LED light engines, eliminating the need ever to replace a lamp.

In the Theater, a film telling the Statue’s origins is projected on a wide, curved surface, creating an enveloping and immersive environment. The image is created by overlapping and blending projections from eight laser-phosphor projectors, fed by three multi-output servers and an additional server for backup. The audio is equally immersive, playing through multiple speakers to wrap the sound around the audience. The Donor Wall includes five, 22” touchscreen displays that show information about museum donors. Upon leaving the Theater, patrons enter the Engagement Gallery—a self-exploration gallery presenting continuous video and audio loops on the design, construction and unveiling of the Statue of Liberty through projection, transparent and interactive displays as well as unobtrusive background audio designed by Diversified to enhance the experience and not draw attention to itself or distract from the information on displays. Finally, the Becoming Liberty gallery features a large LED video wall built around 20 interactive displays, each connected to a local mini PC. In this exhibit, patrons can create their own content by taking a photo from one of the built-in PTZ camera kiosks located to the left of each display. Once the patron has completed their content, they will be able to send it to the 40’ by 11’ video wall for all to see. The audio visual and digital signage technology immerses museum visitors in the tale of the American dream.

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Video Case Study


Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Reimagining the Guest Experience with Seamless Technology Integration

The Empire State Building (ESB) recently set out to fully reimagine its observatory and subsequent guest experience. Since the iconic building first opened its doors in 1931, it has been visited by hundreds of millions from across the globe including some of the most prestigious world leaders as well as Hollywood celebrities. Today, more than 4 million visit every year—a crowd that could no longer be denied an enhanced and more memorable experience.

Diversified was engaged early on by Skanska, a general contractor the company has worked alongside for many other high-profile projects such as the United Nations and MetLife Stadium. Having been involved with the ESB team for more than a year, Diversified was determined to provide the most seamless technology integration with advanced audio-visual technology to help them reach their goals. This process included setting up a live demo lab with displays that covered multiple LED pitches, large format LCDs and projectors for projection mapping and blending. Diversified even came up with an innovative use of 3D printing to prototype a ticket scanner at each turnstile. Everything seen in the new exhibits was mocked up and tested in the demo lab before fabrication to ensure seamless integration and the best guest experience possible.

Through the design, install and seamless technology integration of best-in-class equipment for the new interactive exhibits, the Diversified team built in resiliency and redundancy for the entire critical path of the video system. If for any reason a device in the signal path were to fail, the system will automatically switch to a backup and continue to play-out content with no interruption to the experience of exhibit viewers. Furthermore, all units are designed with serviceability in mind to minimize downtime including cameras monitoring every exhibit 24/7.

This phase, which covers the new entrance at 20 West 34th Street and grand lobby, is the first of four to come. The Diversified team is already working diligently on seamless technology integration for the second phase, which will include highly advanced technology sure to wow the next generation of ESB guests.

Continue the journey with Phase Two: ESB Second Floor Exhibits >

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led video wall installation

NJ Hall of Fame Mobile Museum

New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum

Showcasing the Garden State in a Mobile, Interactive Mobile Exhibit

The New Jersey Hall of Fame is home to an exhibition that showcases the accomplishments of those from the Garden State. But without a permanent home to call its own, the Board of Directors turned to architect and Hall of Fame inductee Michael Graves to design a mobile museum that would illustrate the way inductees have changed both the state and the world.

Lynch Exhibits partnered with the engineering team of Diversified’s Digital Media Group to design technology solutions for the interactive mobile exhibit. In addition to the design of Michael Graves, a renowned planner and designer of museum exhibits, Ralph Appelbaum Associates aided in the design of the mobile museum. The 53-foot double-expandable trailer has the ability to transform to 850 square feet of museum exhibition space, on-location.

In order to attract, inform and entertain visitors, the mobile museum features multimedia presentations and exhibits as well as a creative interactive suite.

Since its inception, the New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors. The mobile museum, which New Jersey Hall of Fame Foundation Board Chairman Emeritus John Keegan calls the “field trip on wheels,” now showcases Garden State greats like Toni Morrison, Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Springsteen, John Travolta, Jack Nicholson and Queen Latifah.

The mobile multimedia exhibit features images, artifacts, film and interactive elements, made available by the technical support and expertise of Diversified.


NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Lobby Digital Displays Modernize Visitor Experience and Pay Homage to Legendary Broadcast Complex

An homage to the original designers of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC sought to redevelop its iconic Grand Stair and Mezzanine Rotunda, and modernize its studios, to burnish the history and shape the future of the legendary broadcast complex. Diversified was chosen to provide stunning lobby digital displays and content management coordination throughout the renovation’s large, four-feature exhibit areas.

As guests ascend the Grand Stair and enter the Mezzanine Rotunda, they are drawn around the massive, luxurious space by dynamic imagery displayed along two, 60- foot long by five-foot high curved-front LED video walls. RPVisuals custom mounting solutions allowed for precision placement of the units. Audiences for NBCUniversal shows will gather in the Peacock Lounge which boasts ceiling-to-floor illuminated columns, each paneled with five large displays on each side. Dynamic content is tailored with multiple scenes for special events and pre-show gatherings. This waiting area also features a Planar Mosaic with numerous displays at varying depths and orientations, stacked across a shelf to resemble framed portraits.

The Greeter Stand/Guest Reception Area has been reinstated and serves as a home base for NBC Pages who welcome visitors. This intimate, nostalgic space surrounds visitors with 19 portrait-mounted displays featuring NBC celebrities, wrapped along three walls, including a fully redundant 4K theater with 7.1 surround. The Shop at NBC Studios has become another source of entertainment as shoppers access interactive content which feature Planar Mosaic shelves similar to that of the Peacock lounge.

Content across the project is driven by a comprehensive zoned content management system. Diversified created all control and DSP to run a seamless show throughout the everchanging scenes in the exhibits.

Lastly, IT coordination was pivotal to the project’s success. Diversified was responsible for all coordination of IP throughout and developing the redundancies and failover strategies on this very successful project.


Boston Museum of Science

Boston Museum of Science

Ceiling-Mounted LED array is the first of its kind, spanning two wings of the museum

The Boston Museum of Science (BMOS) is a science museum and indoor zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, located in Science Park, a plot of land spanning the Charles River. Diversified’s Digital Media Group was contracted by Barco to install 490 ceiling-mounted LED tiles on the walkway bridge of the museum, which spans two wings of the museum on the edge of the main lobby. The video display required that front access kits be installed throughout the array for service access. Diversified was also engaged to design engineering services and fabrication of the head-end system.

The install involved a new product for Barco and Diversified – the Barco X2.7 tile. This was only the second installation of this product performed in the US to date and the first one to be ceiling-mounted. Product delivery struggles and construction delays resulted in Diversified’s portion of the install to happen after the museum re-opened the area to the public, causing the company to shift all resources to overnight hours. Existing site conditions created challenges as well as on-site re-work of the entire mounting structure / unistrut bridging that supported the entire LED array.

Diversified worked closely with the Barco and BMOS teams to achieve a very aggressive install schedule to meet the client’s deadline. Extensive bridging was implemented on-site to accommodate for existing infrastructure not accounted for in the initial design. Diversified completed all contract work and additional requested scope, including installation of a last-minute custom trim bezel that was added days before the grand opening.


Nobbies Interpretive Centre

Nobbies Interpretive Centre

Bespoke Audio Visual System And Programming Provides Interactive And Interpretive Experience

Overlooking Bass Strait, the Nobbies Centre is the home of an interactive Antarctic Journey, along with spectacular clifftop boardwalks and views to the Nobbies and Seal Rocks. Mental Media, engaged on behalf of Phillip Island Nature Parks, needed a bespoke audio visual (AV) integration solution to carry out their vision for digital media content. Diversified was commissioned by Mental Media to design and install just that.

The system needed to integrate an array of audio and visual hardware, from large screen projection to interactive touch screens. It also needed to integrate with special infrared (IR) detectors within the Centre, that trigger prerecorded whale songs when prompted by visitors.

Watchout by Dataton was the selected software for the project, to allow for the personalization of the visitor experience within the Centre. Panasonic projectors and Samsung screens were chosen for displays; 3M touch screens for the visitor interface.

The IR beams are setup with simple trigger relay and are integrated via a Medialon Control system to play the various prerecorded sounds of local fauna, providing an interactive aspect with the other AV components.

Panasonic projectors display large images of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica on an ‘Augmented Reality’ area, which allows visitors to see themselves standing on the ice in a virtual reality Antarctic environment. Their image is placed on a backdrop of ice, with virtual whales, penguins and seals interacting with them. This is accomplished via a custom software, allowing seamless image and audio output to create this highly interactive and personalized virtual experience for the visitor.

Diversified’s bespoke audio visual system and programming provided Nobbies Interactive Center an interactive and interpretive experience for it’s guests.

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