Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards

Digital Media Consulting Delivers a First-to-New-York Observation Deck Experience

Hudson Yards is unlike anything built before—a living, breathing neighborhood that features first-to-New-York experiences. One of the most memorable, the Observation Deck, takes visitors on an experiential journey that celebrates the thrill of the Hudson Yards transformation from a busy rail yard to a magnificent “Future City.” The owner and the architect/design firm planned a fully immersive audio/video/lighting creative journey from the entry level at 30 Hudson Yards to the rooftop Observation Deck on the 67th floor.

They engaged Diversified’s digital media consulting services to engineer their vision and provide the design development package and bill of materials for equipment and services. Diversified began the project by participating in programming meetings to further understand the desired solution, AV/IT infrastructures, physical facility ergonomics, values and practices. Next followed a discussion about what was programmatically and technically necessary to support the desired experience on the 4th, 5th, 67th, and 68th floors along with the shuttle elevators and roof-deck. Diversified’s digital media consulting analysis included research and recommendation of: the type of exhibit systems best suited for each exhibit element; alternate and innovative technologies to achieve the desired design solution for exhibits and the overall budgetary goals; and, a content management system (CMS) to ensure seamless integration into the exhibit systems and meet the individual needs of each exhibit space.

Once the equipment and space requirements were determined, Diversified proceeded with the development of space planning. The detailed design included any accommodations related to the elements in scope, including location and dimensions of all equipment racks, consoles and other technical equipment; system conduit, cable tray, riser, and cabling requirements; low and high voltage accommodation drawings including signal group separation and grounding requirements; electrical and heat loading requirements and preliminary equipment lists and refined budgets.

The design development package brings the owner’s vision for the Observation Deck to life and makes it one step closer to becoming a first-to-New-York experience.

Morton Salt

Morton Salt

Interactive Video Wall Technology Creates Statement Piece for Iconic American Brand’s HQ

When Christian Herrmann was named CEO of Morton Salt, his overarching goal was to, “empower the people again and bring this company back to life.” As part of his plan to achieve this, Herrmann moved his 350 headquarters staff to a brand-new location inside the River Point Tower in Chicago. The 52,000 square-foot space is open, modern and packed with the latest technology. With amazing views, sit-stand desks, and plenty of collaboration space, it had everything a modern office and its associates could need…

Or did it? The space was great but Herrmann knew that it needed a statement piece: something to draw visitors in, let them interact with Morton’s latest marketing campaigns, and learn about the company’s history. That’s where Diversified came in.

Working with creative partner, VisionThree, the Diversified team developed a custom gesture-controlled, interactive portrait video wall. The wall is comprised of 12 HD video displays, powered by three Microsoft Kinect motion sensors, and invites passing associates and visitors to step forward and reach toward the wall. From the main menu, users can choose to explore the different methods of salt production, watch the newest marketing videos, and see the evolution of the Morton Salt girl. The interface is simple, intuitive and beautifully crafted.

The whole system was built from scratch. “We’d never done anything quite like this,” said Jeff White of VisionThree. “It took us a month to build the gesture controls alone. You wouldn’t imagine all the ways that people point.”

The outcome of all this hard work is the creation of a true centerpiece for an already impressive office. On the first day at the new location, associates and visitors stopped to interact with the video wall as soon as they entered the lobby. After watching his associates interact with the wall, and trying it out himself, Herrmann said that he was extremely pleased with the display: “Everyone who’s coming here—vendors, contractors, clients, even new associates—are learning about what Morton stands for.”

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics

Consistent Collaboration & Presentation Systems
Support Mission to Serve Doctors and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 67,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of children. During construction of their new headquarters, the AAP met with Diversified to discuss their collaboration and presentation systems requirements in order to facilitate numerous medical education events as well as the committee and council meetings they host each year. Along with their requirements, the AAP emphasized that every dollar saved on operating costs furthers their mission of serving doctors and children.

Diversified partnered with AAP’s Director of IT and Technology to deliver comprehensive technology solutions with cost-effective system designs. The CEO Conference Room is outfitted with a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and simplified controls for easy plug-and-play wired or wireless connectivity. The 3-way divisible room includes a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and WebEx capability. Bosch Dicentis wireless conference systems with push-to-talk microphones are transported between the meeting rooms and connect into each audio video system. These devices, which provide high-quality sound reinforcement for board meetings and seminars, are easy for users to operate and quick for technology managers to set-up.

In the lobby atrium a high-definition 4×2 video wall welcomes associates and visitors. The video wall is comprised of Planar clarity matrix displays running content from a 22Miles digital signage platform. This same platform extends to digital signs throughout the building including the wayfinding kiosk which directs visitors to the appropriate room for each seminar and program.

From the collaboration and presentation systems in conference rooms to multiple divisible training rooms, sleek video wall and helpful wayfinding kiosk, the AAP appreciates the right-sized technology solutions Diversified provided to further their mission of serving doctors and their young patients.




With eBay’s newest addition to its Silicon Valley campus, Main Street, the company sought to reinvigorate its brand identity, reinvent its culture and reenergize its associates. The new building serves as the entrance to the campus, welcoming associates and partners into an immersive, media-rich environment that captures the organization’s culture and engages its visitors.

The iconic LED videowall installation in the Main Street Hall spans 45 feet wide by 12 foot high in a five-screen, 2.5 mm configuration. Partnering with New York-based ESI Design to transform the space, their imagination and designs provided the foundation for Diversified to engineer and deliver custom LED videowall installation solutions unparalleled by anything else in the market, complete with innovative and interactive digital content via the Signet digital signage network.

“This display floats in front of a glass wall with zero bezel around it. The LED goes right to the edge.”
Adam Lopez, Diversified Account Executive

“Diversified’s engineers worked closely with the architect and structural engineers to build a steel, load-bearing structure that suspended the display four feet away from the wall and 10 feet in elevation above the stage. The outcome was amazing: the iconic LED floating in front of glass with redwood trees behind it.”

Additionally, Diversified took great care in designing and mocking up the 1.6 mm LED dual-sided columns in the lobby and cafe. Diversified brought one of the steel beams into its shop and mocked up the LED columns with a perforated steel housing around the sides to create the necessary air flow and a custom glass front for protection. The columns were then custom fabricated with an aircraft cable system that actually lowers the LEDs for future servicing.

Through the skillful integration of hardware, motion sensors and a 32-point touch system, the Diversified team delivered a custom solution that captures the activity of eBay’s website in real-time, from users around the globe, and presents those transactions in fun and engaging ways that provide a more imaginative and meaningful visualization of the company.

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Intercontinental Exchange

Intercontinental Exchange

Intuitive, Dependable Conference Room Technology Delivers Reliability

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a network for clearing houses, markets and technology , required dependable presentation systems throughout their general meeting spaces, designed with collaborative technologies in their vision of the
new space. Diversified was selected as the design build partner based on their understanding of the client’s needs, their ability to execute a large project over an extended period of time and their reputation for working well with a large and diverse set of project stakeholders.

With more than 75 conference rooms and a fully utilized IT support team, it was important that the rooms were easy to use for a presenter regardless of their technical skill. Each collaborative space required seamless integration of technology into the
architecture, while also needing a minimal in-room credenza to house AV technology. ICE also had special-use spaces requiring purpose-built systems for network and security ops centers, as well as building-wide digital signage and cable head end systems and streaming distribution network.

Diversified included ICE’s IT team in every step of the decision-making process in order to ensure a uniform conference room technology systems. Meeting spaces now possess a standardized, reliable user experience complete with a common control interface with a “drag and drop” user interface. ICE’s main entrance boasts a new 11’ x 1’ ultranarrow bezel video wall protected by a glass front on the face, creating a signature video element. Content is created and scheduled through a custom multi-output digital signage player. The main reception floor also contains an 11-room conference center for external meetings, requiring a higher finish quality.

Every space meets the seamless integration and intuitive criteria for a common control interface and the ability for all rooms to shut down automatically. Reliable technology platforms, coupled with a responsive client service agreement, have made the day-to-day operation a manageable routine. The presenters can now focus their meeting objectives, confident that the presentation systems will work.


NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Lobby Digital Displays Modernize Visitor Experience and Pay Homage to Legendary Broadcast Complex

An homage to the original designers of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC sought to redevelop its iconic Grand Stair and Mezzanine Rotunda, and modernize its studios, to burnish the history and shape the future of the legendary broadcast complex. Diversified was chosen to provide stunning lobby digital displays and content management coordination throughout the renovation’s large, four-feature exhibit areas.

As guests ascend the Grand Stair and enter the Mezzanine Rotunda, they are drawn around the massive, luxurious space by dynamic imagery displayed along two, 60- foot long by five-foot high curved-front LED video walls. RPVisuals custom mounting solutions allowed for precision placement of the units. Audiences for NBCUniversal shows will gather in the Peacock Lounge which boasts ceiling-to-floor illuminated columns, each paneled with five large displays on each side. Dynamic content is tailored with multiple scenes for special events and pre-show gatherings. This waiting area also features a Planar Mosaic with numerous displays at varying depths and orientations, stacked across a shelf to resemble framed portraits.

The Greeter Stand/Guest Reception Area has been reinstated and serves as a home base for NBC Pages who welcome visitors. This intimate, nostalgic space surrounds visitors with 19 portrait-mounted displays featuring NBC celebrities, wrapped along three walls, including a fully redundant 4K theater with 7.1 surround. The Shop at NBC Studios has become another source of entertainment as shoppers access interactive content which feature Planar Mosaic shelves similar to that of the Peacock lounge.

Content across the project is driven by a comprehensive zoned content management system. Diversified created all control and DSP to run a seamless show throughout the everchanging scenes in the exhibits.

Lastly, IT coordination was pivotal to the project’s success. Diversified was responsible for all coordination of IP throughout and developing the redundancies and failover strategies on this very successful project.


Logistics Management Institute

Logistics Management Institute

Collaborative Spaces Work with Modern, Open Architecture

The Logistics Management Institute (LMI) decided to relocate its headquarters to a 165,000-square-foot, LEED-certified, state-of-the-art, metro-accessible space. LMI occupies the first seven floors of the Class A building and each floor is approximately 25,000-square-feet. The new office will enable LMI’s staff to be more collaborative and innovative, offering better technology, better conferencing space in an open, light-filled design.

Prior to program development, handled by Gensler Architects and CMS Consultants, Diversified was engaged in the LMI headquarters relocation to 7940 Jones Branch Drive in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Working through the general contractor, HITT Contracting, Diversified was short listed based on four main criteria—knowledge of the client’s business, availability of resources, technical aptitude and the ability to be responsible for audio visual applications as well as teledata installation for the project deliverable and scope.

After award, the project was on the fast track, delivered by floor in coordination with HITT Contracting around rooms and MDF closets. Meeting the demands of occupancy for LMI was crucial to the success of the project. There were 38 spaces that fell into Diversified’s scope including the reception area, executive conference rooms, large multi-purpose rooms and collaborative meeting rooms. One of LMI’s needs that Diversified was working to provide prior to award of the project was content distribution. Specifically, digital signage and streaming media.

Diversified specializes in digital signage and designed a platform with the potential to acquire content from a live or archived meeting and distribute it within or outside of the LMI network, based upon LDAP or rights management. The digital signage platform also includes the ability to incorporate streams within the window of the template display and can be administered by select groups depending on roles specified within the application interface.

Diversified continues work with LMI in multiple capacities.


575 5th Avenue

575 5th Avenue

Avenue Lobby Improves from Dated to Sophisticated

The lobby digital signage integration of Beacon Capital Partner’s 5th Avenue property in Midtown Manhattan illustrates yet another stunning design/build collaboration between Diversified and ESI Design. Transforming the decades old lobby previously occupied by a single tenant into a sophisticated modern entrance that would appeal to and greet
multiple tenants yielded a blank canvas with several unique design opportunities.

The vibrant 192 sq. ft. digital ribbon of LEDs delivers a seamless image canvas that welcomes and captivates visitors with its engaging, high-quality media content. To maintain the sleek design, the LED wraps required a clean finish with only a 5mm gap. Wrapping columns with sub 2mm LEDs at a 90° angle was a first for Diversified and required custom cabinet fabrication. Mounting the cabinets to the building’s structure, along with designing for power, ventilation and access for maintenance represented additional challenges.

Conceptual design for the 10,000-square foot space was followed by technical design and a series of mock-ups and tests. The system features Crestron control, PureLink switching and routing and full remote access via a dedicated firewall. Diversified engineered and 3D-printed custom mounting brackets which allowed exact positioning of the cabinets and seamless LED-wrapped corners, completing the look.

Each day, tenants are treated to a virtually endless array of intriguing custom imagery that highlights the vitality of the neighborhood and features local events, news, video, and even an imaginative Manhattan skyline at sunset depicting the daily stock market information.

With the project completed on-time and under budget, the client is thrilled with the new space. Diversified provides ongoing managed service to the site through remote access and diligent network monitoring. These services ensure the project’s continued success and in its first year of operation required only one on-site service visit and zero downtime!


1800 K Street

1800 K Street

Animating Architecture Through the Use of Video
and Dynamic Digital Signage

1800 K Street is a commercial office building located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. For this project, Diversified worked with Stantec Architecture and real estate developer, CBRE, to upgrade and enhance the existing 200,000-square-foot office building while it was still occupied. The $40 million retrofit included a new glass facade, renovating the lobby, elevators and mechanical systems of the 44-year-old building.

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s 1800 K Street NW building underwent a major renovation that included a new glass façade and the installation of windows on the south side of the building to increase natural light. Outside of the building, Diversified designed and custom built an 8mm LED digital banner supporting and complimenting the building’s unique design features and took more than a year of needs analysis study with the design and construction team to properly integrate it into the building’s curtain wall structure. The 2-foot high by 230-foot long digital banner bends around the building’s corner onto 18th street and supports geospatial designs, digital signage, news feeds and area weather.

Inside the lobby, Diversified’s design leveraged a mosaic LED solution that allowed designers to mix-and-match three different LCD display tile shapes and sizes into unique arrays, a solution that would not have been possible with traditional video walls. Featuring a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio square LCD video tile, our solution provides unique opportunities for creativity with digital displays.

As such, throughout the project, Diversified worked with content provider Niles Creative Group to provide the digital content that is currently displayed on both installations. Working with the artist, David Niles—well known for his work at the Comcast building in Philadelphia and CityCenterDC, also located in the District—the resulting product has proven second to none in creativity, artistry and innovation.


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Georgia System Operations Corporation

Georgia System Operations Corporation

Expansive Video Wall for Mission Critical
Visualization of Electricity Operations

Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) strives to make connections that ensure fulfillment of reliable, economical electricity for its members, from generation to transmission and distribution. Toward this objective, GSOC upgraded its transmission control center to modernize operations and provide greater situational awareness to its operators. The centerpiece is an expansive video wall for mission critical visualization solution displaying crystal clear data and graphics while empowering efficient visual collaboration.

Like most transmission and distribution companies, GSOC has historically relied on a static map board to monitor electricity operations. With a growing need to combine and visualize many of today’s dynamic software applications, GSOC engaged Diversified to develop a turnkey video wall solution and create a fully integrated platform comprising an 8 x 4 matrix of Barco 70” display walls, an ECU-100 controller and control room management software (CMS).

Using Barco’s CMS software, operators and managers can control content on the main video wall and adjacent panels. They can share EMS workstation content and application windows on any screen, easily moving information from one desktop to another using CMS’s Sidebar GUI. Managers can also select information presented on any workstation or display wall in the Main Control Center and exhibit content live in other rooms.

Sidebar users can view any source in real time for 24/7 situational awareness. They can create, store and display “perspectives” (groups of sources) with other Sidebar users or send these perspectives to any PC or the ECU-100 controller, equipped with a Display Agent. The Sidebar “Squid Mode” gives any operator seamless control of the ECU-100 controller’s mouse and keyboard by moving the mouse from the monitor to the display wall.

With the ability to create a common operational picture of multiple sources, operators enjoy greater access to information to make faster, better decisions and fulfill its promise to its members.


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