Travers Smith

Travers Smith

Utilizing Microsoft Teams to Create Room Standardization for London Law Firm

Diversified has served as trusted AV partner to Travers Smith, a corporate law firm headquartered in London, for several years, maintaining systems at their Snow Hill Office. Travers Smith partnered with us to update several meeting rooms, some of which weren’t yet capable of video conferencing.

In early 2021 David Cassidy, IT Director, Travers Smith sought out Diversified, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner to standardize their meeting room for use of Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. The new meeting room technology had to be intuitive and offer an identical experience across the variety of rooms sizes, from huddle rooms to boardroom and even the auditorium. After demonstrations of several Microsoft-certified room solutions, the Crestron Flex system and Logitech Rally camera was approved and standardized upon for all rooms. Diversified further collaborated with the Travers Smith building management team to identify and coordinate monitoring and evaluation requirements to compliment the AV upgrades.

The highlight of the project is the auditorium which is now capable of hosting internal and external meetings over Teams. A large, 130” 1.5mm Samsung LED display was installed, upgraded from a ceiling mount projection system. The space also includes multiple 4K cameras which capture participants on a small stage at the front of the room in lecture mode as well as participants at the table when configured for boardroom style meetings. The same Crestron Flex system and interface found in the auditorium, also features in all meeting rooms to provide a truly equal experience, reducing use complexity and giving users the confidence to use the system without needing to rely on technical assistance.

Diversified was able to complete the project during a difficult time given the working restrictions presented by the pandemic compounded by the global chip shortage which extended delivery lead times. As a direct result of the success of this project Diversified continue to support Travers Smith through the technology upgrades, with more projects planned for the future. Furthermore, Diversified continue to provide day to day support and maintenance Assurance, a technical support service for their system and business continuity.

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Modernizing and Standardizing Oregon’s Public Broadcasting in a Renovated Production Space

When Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) was looking to update, modernize and standardize their radio and television broadcast platforms, they turned to Diversified. Their goal was to bring to life a production space that drives listener loyalty through genuine, thoughtful and useful content for the community, and the final product needed to reflect careful stewardship of listener and viewer funds.

Diversified was engaged early in the project for conceptual and detail design phase. The project was a build in place, meaning OPB still needed to use their facilities while the updates were being made. This necessitated some orchestration but Diversified managed to deliver all updates while keeping everyone on air. Updated spaces include green rooms used for visitors and talent, voiceover booths, studio sound booths, radio production, sound design production, interview and control rooms, music service rooms, video editing rooms, finish edit bays and an engineering and IT shop.

A multimedia studio became the cornerstone of the new facility due to its ability to be configured to support dynamic live productions. Several audio control rooms were designed around an audio console with 32 faders and 32+ input capacity that provides seamless integration with Pro Tools. This provides multi-tracking capability and presents a standardized surface for audio control and front of house. The production control rooms were built to be incredibly adaptable, encouraging productions ranging from small, quick-turnaround projects with minimal staffing, to more complex setups with a dedicated director, TD, graphics and prompter operator. Lastly, Diversified consolidated all of OPB’s technical systems into the Tech Core. It includes three new facility-wide systems: a redesign and expansion of the existing television intercom system, as well as a KVM switching matrix and fiber backbone for signal distribution.

Not to be forgotten are the public-facing spaces. The lobby was outfitted with a large video wall for easy sign in and communication with reception personnel. Public flex spaces are used for staff meetings, presentations, volunteer events and streaming video conferences. Ultimately, the redesigned building became a highly reliable space that carries the ability to expand and scale.

Microsoft Esports


Collaborative Approach To Esports Production Services Amplifies Tournaments & Fan Experience

Microsoft is known for creating immersive and engaging gaming and live event experiences, like esports competitions, where Gamers form teams and battle using best-in-class gaming tools and devices. To amplify these events, they decided to broadcast monthly esports tournaments with fans joining in-studio and online.

Microsoft engaged Diversified’s Emerging Technology and Solutions (ET&S) team to develop the program and transitioned to Diversified’s Global Services team to implement. Drawing on a breadth of experience in broadcast and production, Global Services handles the acquisition and management of the talent and crew necessary to meet the event goals, as well as definition and execution of the overall production plan. Diversified then implements the production and live broadcast, the social media campaign, in-broadcast chat moderation, and Gamer prizing. A post-event report for each broadcast provides Microsoft with performance metrics, a synopsis of the event and key highlights.

Preparation for the series of events included a complete technical audit and proof of performance qualification of the esports & gaming studio at the flagship Microsoft Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Diversified performed remediation of problem areas to bring the studio to an optimal state. Now esports competitions are recorded in the updated studio and live broadcast to Microsoft and their partner channels with subsequent Simulive broadcasts over multiple weeks.

Diversified’s ET&S and Global Services practices position Microsoft and its partners for successful esports events which result in stunning experiences for their record-breaking audiences.

National Geographic

National Geographic, Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Simple IT Infrastructure Provides Reliable Connectivity for Oceans of Fun and Exploration

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is an immersive exploration of the oceans. Located in Times Square, the Encounter exhibit makes use of technology and reliable IT infrastructure to give visitors the virtual ocean experience. The exhibit was developed and produced by the creative minds at SPE Partners, and a team of Oscar, Emmy, Grammy award winning artists along with technical consulting provided by Diversified.

National Geographic engaged Diversified early in the construction phase and worked in collaboration with SPE Partners through the design, build, and manage methodology. Diversified subject matter experts, key SPE Partner stakeholders and vendor partners met with Ocean Odyssey retail, physical security, social media and show team representatives to fully understand all of the business and functional requirements for the network. Diversified designed a complete wired and wireless network architecture, UCaaS solution, and end-to-end cyber security platform, ensuring clear segmentation and coverage based on the client’s needs. This included coordination with service providers to deliver adequate bandwidth and redundancy to meet the client’s requirements.

In order to deliver the network infrastructure more quickly so that all applications and trades could be online and connected, Diversified built the network infrastructure well before the exhibit construction was completed. This included staging the equipment and creating the cloud configurations prior to implementation which allowed for a physical plug-n-play network installation. The Diversified team stayed involved to help on-board all vendors and ensure proper go-live execution for the client.

Given the scope and scale of this exhibit, all parties agreed it was essential to implement ongoing support so the client could concentrate on client satisfaction. As a result, Diversified partnered with SPE Partners to provide a remote managed service to proactively manage their UCaaS, network, and cyber security solutions. This has proven to drive increased reliability and free their associates to focus on running the attraction, taking comfort in knowing their guests will have a great experience both walking through the exhibit and leveraging connectivity around them.

Empire State Building: Second Floor Exhibits

Empire State Building: Second Floor Exhibits

10,000 Square Feet of Modern Interactive Exhibits Tell the 100-Year Story of an Iconic Landmark

As part of its reimagined Observatory experience project, the Empire State Building (ESB)’s second floor exhibits take guests on a journey from the building’s construction to its current place in pop culture history. The immersive, modern interactive exhibits tell the full story from conception to reality of the creation of an internationally renowned landmark and Diversified, through its cutting-edge technology solutions and digital media expertise, helped the ESB bring that story to life.

Upon entrance to the second floor, short-throw projectors, LED video walls, HD displays and localized audio systems not only animate the progression of William F. Lamb’s iconic architectural drawings and the record time that the skyscraper was built, but also place guests right in the middle of 1920s Fifth Avenue via CGI and live action video, giving them a taste of what it meant to bring the landmark to the city at that time. Then, after seeing how the building was conceptualized, guests are ushered into a fully immersive experience of the building’s construction with animated photography displayed across four LED video walls and an LED ceiling, accented by ambient surround sound that brings them right into the scene. Additional LED displays throughout the exhibit, paired with highly produced digital content, provide insights into the building’s history of innovation and indirect wayfinding to its famous elevators, where video content covers their history, how they operate and why.

Next, guests are brought into a digital gallery created from a collection of media clips and stills of productions in which the ESB appears. The gallery itself is comprised of wall-mounted displays as well as 74 projection surfaces in five sizes, arranged around the perimeter to create a curved mosaic wall. A display on the back wall above the seating area contains a scrolling IMDb-like list of media elements and building trivia.

Last, but certainly not least, Diversified was instrumental in building the gallery’s showpiece King Kong exhibit. Through a combination of large HD displays, 4D media elements, animation, synced soundtrack and animatronics, the set provides an immersive environment that makes the guests feel like they are actually in the movie—rounding out a museum experience that is unlike any other in the world.

Missed Phase One? Check out the ESB Entrance and Grand Lobby here.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Digital Signage

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Utilizing Technology and Digital Signage tEnhance the Student Learning Experience

When Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts broke ground on the Foisie Innovation Studio and Messenger Residence Hall, President Laurie Leshin said that they wanted the building to represent “the front door to innovation.” The $49 million, 78,000-square-foot residential and classroom facility is one of the largest spaces on campus. The first and second floors of the building include a teaching laboratory complete with a robotics lab, a makerspace and high-tech classrooms for courses that introduce first-year students to WPI team-based projects.  

As with most academic installations, the biggest challenge was the deadline. WPI needed this high-profile installation to be up and running, tested and polished in time for the new school year. In order to accomplish this, planning for equipment, logistics and coordinating with other trades was key. 

Coordination for the high-profile video wall was tight. The builder fabricated the large wall to exact specifications, and the electrical contractor was directed to provide power in the exact locations required for the forty Christie displays. All of this had to be tested and working before installation could even begin. The RP Visual mounts allow each display to swing out for easy access. Concurrent with the installation of the 8×5 video wall, Diversified equipped several large classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. Five classrooms were built to include four Sony laser projectors in each room (one facing towards each wall), and more than 20 huddle spaces were outfitted with NEC monitors and Mersive Solstice pods.  

With support from Diversified’s creative services team, WPI utilizes the Appspace and Seenspire digital signage platforms to aggregate their social feeds, and an infotainment subscription from Seenspire allows the institute to stream STEM-related news. General student information, global project centers, alumni spotlights, photo galleries and more are communicated across the facility with ease. The versatility of the video wall and vestibule signage even allows for engagement, encouraging students to give feedback via a QR code and by downloading the WPI app. 

Thanks to the open communication between WPI and the associated trade partners, the project was a complete success with all needs met to ensure an optimum learning environment for returning and new students.

Wells Fargo Digital Signage

Wells Fargo 

Unconventional LED Wall Offers Calming Oasis for Multinational Financial Services Company

When Wells Fargo moved its Corporate & Investment Banking business to 30 Hudson Yards office tower in New York, they reached out to Diversified to help deliver a calming environment amidst the high-stress trading with a unique video wall design that would serve as a focal point and offer associates a relaxing escape without ever leaving the office. Spanning the 14th and 15th floors is a seamless LED video wall column measuring 6’ wide by 29’ tall highlighting natural and urban scenes for changing energies throughout the day. 

“The client and architect had a vision for the space: to build a sense of extreme height and offer content that the traders would enjoy and promote relaxation,” said Dan Georgescu, Consultant with Robert Derector Telecommunications. “Once the architectural vision was in place, we had to find the right technical solutions to suit the space and deliver the content.” 

Tasked with design and integration, Diversified’s Creative Services team designed the custom content specifically to fit the unique shape of the video wall. “We used RED cameras to capture the 8K content, which was organized into two categories: city and energy, such as New York City’s new One World Trade Center or Ellis Island at sunset, and nature and peace, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite and Big Basin’s tall trees,” said Dan Barron, media design specialist at Diversified. “Although the video wall does not display 8K, we shot 8K so when you pare the image area down to a narrow strip, you still have enough resolution to look good at that huge scale.” 

The custom 8K content was uploaded into Analog Way’s Picturall Pro media server where it was split into five 1080P feeds for the video wall controller to ingest and sync into one tall image. RP Visual devised a custom steel mounting structure for the video wall, ensuring the Leyard DirectLight X displays remained flush throughout the columnar configuration, maximizing the product’s high quality. 

The traders can now escape to one of the most unique lounge areas anywhere. The end result exceeded expectations, bringing Wells Fargo’s vision to life.

Orbit Showtime Network

Orbit Showtime Network

Broadcast Installation of Infrastructure Expands Modern HD Workflow

Following the merger between Orbit, based in Bahrain and Showtime, based in Dubai, the combined organisation, “OSN” decided to consolidate their business by moving key parts of their operations from Bahrain to Dubai including all broadcast operations.

However, the existing broadcast IT and storage infrastructure in Dubai needed broadcast installation, upgrade and expansion to cope with the increased number of channels that would now be played out from that site, along with the increasing HD requirement and associated media workflows.

The entire project for OSN was delivered very rapidly to fit in with an aggressive migration of their services from Bahrain to Dubai. Due to the tight timeframe, Diversified prebuilt the racks and wiring looms in their UK factory; this also allowed the complex switch configuration and testing to be carried out in the UK. This pre-build ethos allowed the project to proceed quickly against the prescribed 10-week timeline. Firstly the existing edge switches were swung across to the new redundant Cisco core, Diversified re-configured hosts as required to ensure continuity of service taking into consideration the DNS entries and other critical network parameters. As the project progressed new fibres were laid in to provide a redundant architecture to the edge. Some of the most crucial parts of the migration were carried out during off-peak hours overnight to minimise disruption to the workflow. The final stage of the project was to hook the high end clustered storage solution into the new core switch to open up its contiguous, high performance and high availability storage to the entire workflow.

Diversified deployed a multidiscipline team of around 8 people to deliver this project backed up by the massive resources available in Diversified’s factory in the UK. Diversified Middle East provided key personnel to ensure the continuity of the delivery; a specialist to manage the onsite activities and ensure the quality of the finished product, a project manager to oversee the UK prebuild and UAE delivery and a design expert to produce the solution and ensure the delivered project measured up to the initially calculated throughputs.

The new infrastructure promotes a new era of high-end television production at higher channel counts and a lower price point.


Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Reimagining the Guest Experience with Seamless Technology Integration

The Empire State Building (ESB) recently set out to fully reimagine its observatory and subsequent guest experience. Since the iconic building first opened its doors in 1931, it has been visited by hundreds of millions from across the globe including some of the most prestigious world leaders as well as Hollywood celebrities. Today, more than 4 million visit every year—a crowd that could no longer be denied an enhanced and more memorable experience.

Diversified was engaged early on by Skanska, a general contractor the company has worked alongside for many other high-profile projects such as the United Nations and MetLife Stadium. Having been involved with the ESB team for more than a year, Diversified was determined to provide the most seamless technology integration with advanced audio-visual technology to help them reach their goals. This process included setting up a live demo lab with displays that covered multiple LED pitches, large format LCDs and projectors for projection mapping and blending. Diversified even came up with an innovative use of 3D printing to prototype a ticket scanner at each turnstile. Everything seen in the new exhibits was mocked up and tested in the demo lab before fabrication to ensure seamless integration and the best guest experience possible.

Through the design, install and seamless technology integration of best-in-class equipment for the new interactive exhibits, the Diversified team built in resiliency and redundancy for the entire critical path of the video system. If for any reason a device in the signal path were to fail, the system will automatically switch to a backup and continue to play-out content with no interruption to the experience of exhibit viewers. Furthermore, all units are designed with serviceability in mind to minimize downtime including cameras monitoring every exhibit 24/7.

This phase, which covers the new entrance at 20 West 34th Street and grand lobby, is the first of four to come. The Diversified team is already working diligently on seamless technology integration for the second phase, which will include highly advanced technology sure to wow the next generation of ESB guests.

Continue the journey with Phase Two: ESB Second Floor Exhibits >

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led video wall installation

Radford University

Radford University

Lecture Capture and Playback bring Behavioral Sciences to the Next Level

When Radford University needed a modern clinical observation and recording system for its new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) building, they turned to the team at Diversified. Intended to enhance the education process, the system needed to provide controlled access video as an instructional and research tool, allowing live observation or review of recordings as well as the ability to mark and add descriptions to specific points in videos as feedback to students. This would require integrated IP cameras, storage and control servers, talkback/bug-in-ear features and control software through a secure IP network, all while complying with HIPAA requirements.

Diversified designed and built a solution to include video capture cameras, video server recorders, control interface equipment and microphones across more than 20 rooms. The microphones are connected to the cameras in each room and synchronized for live view and recorded playback. Additionally, the team provided a toggle switch with an LED indicator wall plate in each space with dual purpose: a switch to start/stop recording and a “Kill Switch” to keep audio/video feeds from being seen by anyone connected to the server. System management software, equipped with user-based permissions and functionalities, is also included on the workstations within each observation room. Each user is granted access to only the features, functions and portions of the system to which they should have access, including live and recorded video viewing and editing.

Radford University’s CHBS is now home to an innovative application of secured video, collaborative interaction and data capture for the advancement of academic, clinical and research applications of its students.


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