Expando Mobile Production Trailer Design and Installation For Regional Sport and Entertainment Coverage

Comcast Network (formerly known as CN8) is a cable television station, shown mostly in the Eastern part of the United States. When Comcast wanted mobile production trailer design and installation, they called in the specialists. Having worked closely with CN8’s engineering team over the years, Diversifed knew how they operated and the requirements for building a successful mobile production unit.

Diversified was contracted for a complete design and installation of a 53-foot expando mobile production vehicle. The truck has a multi-format infrastructure with the ability to capture and manipulate all types of video and audio feeds, but it will be primarily used as an SD truck.

The truck has a three-bench front area facing the monitor wall, with separate rooms for audio, tape and camera shading. The video production switcher is a fully-loaded Grass Valley Kalypso 4 ME switcher. Other equipment on board includes a Yamaha PM5000 console, RTS Adam Intercom Matrix, an EVS multichannel Slo-Mo system, Image Video Tally system, Pesa Routing system and Ikegami cameras.

The monitor wall is uniquely designed to accommodate the collapsing expando. A ceiling rail system is in place to easily slide the two outer racks of monitors in between the front bench and remaining racks.

The 53-foot expando truck will be utilized for regional sports, college sports and entertainment events. The first event was a Villanova University football game.