Boston Children’s Hospital

Building Unique, Empowering Experiences for Physically Challenged Children and their Families

Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) wanted to create a compelling visual experience as part of its lobby renovation. The hospital requested a large video wall with interactive capabilities, with the goal of creating a unique experience to empower emotionally and physically challenged children while building memories for families and guests.

Working with the University of Connecticut’s (UConn) Digital Media Center, which created the interactive content, Diversified’s Digital Media Group (DMG) served as the project’s IT and mechanical integrator. DMG applied its expertise in implementing digital environments to UConn’s vision and system components for experiential design and offered guidance on AV technology and other services not typically within the University’s capabilities.

After reviewing DMG’s preliminary designs, LED was selected over LCD as the optimal technology choice as it would allow for a more cohesive visual presentation. DMG then built a proof-of-concept system at UConn, setting up a large-format high brightness video projector to replicate the size of the hospital display. Over the span of several months, DMG’s team worked closely with UConn’s Digital Media Center to determine optimal position for cameras and sensors to achieve the best interactive experience. In addition, DMG provided a small-scale LED display for character modeling.

For the final 17 by 15-foot display, DMG selected Barco C-5 LED tile for its robustness, built-in redundancy, and fan-less design, which was appropriate for the hospital environment. The impressive screen featured a 30-meter curve and 5.5mm pitch for an immersive and visually stimulating image. No one is left out of the experience—in addition to utilizing motion sensing technology, the interactive system was also designed to allow children with physical limitations to interact via a tablet application.

Children, families and guests visiting BCH can now enjoy a uniquely creative and visually compelling interactive experience. In addition, BCH has the capability to use the video wall for messaging, presentations and video simulcasts.