With eBay’s newest addition to its Silicon Valley campus, Main Street, the company sought to reinvigorate its brand identity, reinvent its culture and reenergize its associates. The new building serves as the entrance to the campus, welcoming associates and partners into an immersive, media-rich environment that captures the organization’s culture and engages its visitors.

The iconic LED videowall installation in the Main Street Hall spans 45 feet wide by 12 foot high in a five-screen, 2.5 mm configuration. Partnering with New York-based ESI Design to transform the space, their imagination and designs provided the foundation for Diversified to engineer and deliver custom LED videowall installation solutions unparalleled by anything else in the market, complete with innovative and interactive digital content via the Signet digital signage network.

“This display floats in front of a glass wall with zero bezel around it. The LED goes right to the edge.”
Adam Lopez, Diversified Account Executive

“Diversified’s engineers worked closely with the architect and structural engineers to build a steel, load-bearing structure that suspended the display four feet away from the wall and 10 feet in elevation above the stage. The outcome was amazing: the iconic LED floating in front of glass with redwood trees behind it.”

Additionally, Diversified took great care in designing and mocking up the 1.6 mm LED dual-sided columns in the lobby and cafe. Diversified brought one of the steel beams into its shop and mocked up the LED columns with a perforated steel housing around the sides to create the necessary air flow and a custom glass front for protection. The columns were then custom fabricated with an aircraft cable system that actually lowers the LEDs for future servicing.

Through the skillful integration of hardware, motion sensors and a 32-point touch system, the Diversified team delivered a custom solution that captures the activity of eBay’s website in real-time, from users around the globe, and presents those transactions in fun and engaging ways that provide a more imaginative and meaningful visualization of the company.

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