12Stone Church

Broadcasting to Parishioners Across Multiple Campuses

12Stone Church has experienced dramatic growth over the past decade serving a staggering 30,000+ parishioners in the greater Atlanta region. With more than twenty worship services each week, spread across four metro-Atlanta campuses, the church faced numerous technical challenges in broadcasting to parishioners.

12Stone’s three remote campuses regularly experienced a one-week delay in content as the teaching was recorded, edited and distributed on hard drives to each location. With only 60 days remaining until the grand opening of its new Sugarloaf campus, 12Stone leaders approached and engaged Diversified as its AV & broadcast systems integrator.

Additionally, 12Stone had one major addition to the project’s design that it brought to Diversified. The church wanted to develop a solution for real-time distribution of live teaching at all four campuses. Solution broadcasting to multiple locations required that each campus had the ability to “time slip” the teaching by a few minutes. This would allow the live, in-house worship within the center to flow and conclude at its own natural pace rather than land at a specific hit time. In addition, the pastor wanted the flexibility to teach in person from two of the church’s four campuses. This ability required that these two main campuses needed to act as either the hub or spoke system on any given day. To achieve this, the two sites needed to have common tools so that the production staff and pastor could move easily between them, producing content with a predictable quality level.

12Stone Church’s newest campus at Sugarloaf not only increased the church membership but also expanded capabilities to fully deliver its message. The pastor and production team can now alternate which campus will host the live teachings to give greater flexibility and control over sermons, without compromising the quality in broadcasting to parishioners. Named as a Best House of Worship Project of the Year by Commercial Integrator, this project is a shining success for all involved.

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