Edison Chouest Offshore

IPTV Entertainment System Solution for Offshore Vessels in the Carribean.

Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) supports most of the United States’ Gulf deep-water operations and an expanding global market with its fleet of highly specialized new generation offshore and supply vessels. ECO contracted Diversified to provide IPTV entertainment system installation for the Island Intervention, a support vessel for a BP oil rig located 50 miles from Port of Spain in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Trinidad.

Diversified installed an IPTV entertainment system installation that delivers DIRECTV Caribbean programming to set-top boxes located in the state rooms and public viewing areas throughout the floating vessel. Satellite signal is received via a SeaTel steerable antenna located on the radar arm. Television is a critical amenity on board as there are not many other activities for the crew to partake in while at sea.

Prior to arriving on-site, Diversified went through an extensive eight-hour HUET
(Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) training in New Orleans, LA. The training involved simulated sinking in a pool while rotating the training module upside down. It focuses students on bracing for impact, identifying primary and secondary exit points, avoiding smoke inhalation, surfacing for air, and head count. The HUET training aims to increase time-saving awareness of situational characteristics that can prevent successful escape. Thankfully, our team did not have to utilize any of these lifesaving skills as they had to take a round trip helicopter transport and live aboard the ship for several days to perform the work.

Along with Island Intervention, Diversified also installed a 48 channel DIRECTV
COM1000 IPTV systems in a number of other support vessels such as the MV Island Performer. Satellite IPTV service is provided to all offices and cabins. MV Island Performer is a multi-functional offshore vessel built in Norway for ECO. Diversified looks forward to servicing other vessels in the fleet in the future.