Centralizing Access Control for Efficient, Global Management and Reporting

Consilio is a global leader in eDiscovery software and services. With locations all over the globe, the organization was looking for an electronic security platform that would allow access control for any location from centralized workstations and ease of entry for all authorized personnel, no matter which office they are visiting. This required national and international coordination as well as a complete replacement of legacy electronic security systems.

Diversified designed and deployed a cloud-based, centralized electronic security solution (ESS), encompassing all offices across the globe, to include standardization of security platforms for access control, video assessment and surveillance systems. The design was originally built for the office on Vermont Ave in Washington, DC while keeping the larger goal of global deployment in mind.

Following the deployment of Vermont Ave, Diversified installed, programmed, tested and commissioned the cloud-based ESS for primary administrative workstations: Los Angeles, Chicago, Raleigh and Frankfurt, Germany. Local end users were trained on each system and system managers then took control. In addition to the largely access control-based portion of the project, Diversified also installed a multitude of surveillance cameras throughout each facility to provide around-the-clock video monitoring and management.

Consilio now has standardized access control allowing any authorized person to enter any building via biometric readers. Administrators can manage the entire enterprise from one central location with badging, monitoring and reporting, allowing Consilio to better control who comes and goes with greater accuracy and response capabilities. Diversified continues to support Consilio with alarm monitoring and maintenance.