Agnico Eagle

Mining Company understands value of investment with energy saving video wall

Agnico Eagle recently set out to replace their 10-year-old AV system in their Toronto executive boardroom. In doing so, they wanted to be sure to incorporate the latest, most innovative energy saving video wall display and video conferencing technology on the market.

The solution envisioned by Diversified features an all-new video conferencing and control system, including a SMART 84″ Interactive Flat Panel Display and SMART Meeting Pro software for video conferencing and presentations, a Crestron wireless touch panel and processor for control, as well as Sony hi-res camera and Apple TV system for high-definition video streaming. The main attraction, a 9’ x 6’ high Prysm energy saving video wallvideo wall, sits at the head of the executive table.

Agnico Eagle toured Diversified’s display showroom in Toronto and decided on the Prysm display to enhance office suite work, conduct presentations and host video conferencing sessions. Although Prysm was more of an investment, Agnico Eagle understood the value of their patented laser tiles that require less maintenance in the long run. The eco-credentials and energy saving attributes really helped convince them that Prysm was the right technology.

The Prysm collaboration video wall includes in a 5×4 tile configuration made up of 20 TD2 tiles, a video wall controller, interconnect cabling and a decorative skin. With a lifecycle of five years, Prysm technology is extremely energy-efficient, using less power than the common household hair drier.

Diversified designed the video wall so that it recesses into the wall behind it, appearing as if the digital signage is built into the building’s infrastructure. The video wall truly transforms the office space.