575 5th Avenue

Avenue Lobby Improves from Dated to Sophisticated

The lobby digital signage integration of Beacon Capital Partner’s 5th Avenue property in Midtown Manhattan illustrates yet another stunning design/build collaboration between Diversified and ESI Design. Transforming the decades old lobby previously occupied by a single tenant into a sophisticated modern entrance that would appeal to and greet
multiple tenants yielded a blank canvas with several unique design opportunities.

The vibrant 192 sq. ft. digital ribbon of LEDs delivers a seamless image canvas that welcomes and captivates visitors with its engaging, high-quality media content. To maintain the sleek design, the LED wraps required a clean finish with only a 5mm gap. Wrapping columns with sub 2mm LEDs at a 90° angle was a first for Diversified and required custom cabinet fabrication. Mounting the cabinets to the building’s structure, along with designing for power, ventilation and access for maintenance represented additional challenges.

Conceptual design for the 10,000-square foot space was followed by technical design and a series of mock-ups and tests. The system features Crestron control, PureLink switching and routing and full remote access via a dedicated firewall. Diversified engineered and 3D-printed custom mounting brackets which allowed exact positioning of the cabinets and seamless LED-wrapped corners, completing the look.

Each day, tenants are treated to a virtually endless array of intriguing custom imagery that highlights the vitality of the neighborhood and features local events, news, video, and even an imaginative Manhattan skyline at sunset depicting the daily stock market information.

With the project completed on-time and under budget, the client is thrilled with the new space. Diversified provides ongoing managed service to the site through remote access and diligent network monitoring. These services ensure the project’s continued success and in its first year of operation required only one on-site service visit and zero downtime!