Denali Media Holdings

Anchorage TV Station Turns Up the Heat with New Broadcast Facility

When Denali Media Holdings—KTVA, operating a CBS affiliate station, wanted to relocate and build a new customized facility from the ground up, they partnered with Diversified experts more than 4,000 miles away to make sure the job was done right. They desired a lightweight, flexible model media center that would function as a cohesive, non-traditional system, maximizing flexibility while providing for ease of maintenance and speed of recovery.

Centralized network storage and archiving infrastructure would service all technical groups. This centralized storage system would provide the ability to manage media assets, optimize workflows and provide an efficient mechanism for sharing media between all groups. Another core foundation for this flexible system would be a large, high-definition house routing system, including all necessary conversion and support electronics.

“The only way to accomplish this project with a successful outcome was to bring in an overarching layer of engineering. Additionally, we needed a driven Program Manager capable of managing a project this size while keeping an eye on the ‘On Air’ date, letting nothing drop and rolling with the changes as they come up,” says Kevin Garguilo, Director of Strategic Accounts for Diversified. “At the end of the day, the success was the result of a true team effort. This team has worked together on many large projects and generally anticipates each other’s moves before they happen, allowing a very fast design and review process.” Garguilo concluded that, “The team made the difference.”

The new facility provided the client the technology and ability to become number one in their market for News. They clearly have a better picture on the air than their local competitors and will be the market leader as a result of this project.