Cutting-edge Meeting and Conference Facilities for New London Headquarters

When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO moved to London, he discovered tremendous opportunity to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors via a mobile application. When building their new HQ, he brought on Diversified to develop room standards with key stakeholders. Out of these design development sessions, all of the meeting rooms and town hall spaces were designed to meet Deliveroo’s needs with a bespoke audio visual system.

In total, there are 27 meeting rooms as well as multi-use spaces, huddles and town hall spaces. There is a full IP-based audio system, controlled via Sonos throughout the building as well as networked IPTV channels and bespoke digital signage content to make users feel at home. A key requirement for Deliveroo was ensuring a simple to operate user experience. By leveraging its expertise in room occupancy, Diversified provided an AMX-based control system in every room, that detects when the user enters the room and turns on the system.

As Deliveroo made their VC choice around the Google CFM platform, Diversified’s engineers and programmers produced the first large scale deployment of Google CFM outside of Google itself. When the user enters the room the Google CFM log in screen is presented and as a clear desk policy was in place, Diversified integrated the Biamp Devio digital sound processor along with a Biamp ceiling mic array, allowing the users to simply enter their meeting code to commence the meeting. In the town hall area, Diversified provided a range of lapel, handheld and “catch box” mics, as well as a three camera VC setup, giving the AV manager the ability to mix a professional sound and video broadcast and stream and record it for Deliveroo staff worldwide.

By enhancing the office with easy to use technology, Deliveroo can work without complications. This setup will act as a blueprint for the company, being replicated around the globe and playing a key role in their continuing success story. In the first two weeks moving in, Ayhan Behic – AV Manager at Deliveroo posted on the internal comms, letting staff know about AV training sessions; but the team found the technology so easy to use that none of them needed to attend the sessions.