Boston Celtics

Complete Unified Communication through Audio Visual Technology for Sports Training Facility

Diversified partnered with the Boston Celtics to design and deliver a cutting-edge AV environment for the team’s Auerbach Training Center. The Celtics sought to make the 70,000-square-foot practice facility at Boston Landing a space that would bring them together through technology. They needed a full environment throughout the facility that brought audio, video and IPTV capabilities for players, coaches, executives and admin staff while still feeling like home. Jay Wessland, VP and Chief Technology Officer of the Celtics wanted to, “build flexible things that can change and adapt over time.”  

The solution for the entire center needed to work seamlessly from a technology standpoint. Diversified completed a multi-level environment comprised of video walls with custom digital signage, video processing, industry-leading Bluetooth technology for adaptive audio integration, mainstream IPTV system for all modes of video sourcing and several conferencing systems 

As the first of its kind across professional sports, the center’s most unique aspects include the multiple dynamic video walls in the lobby and player’s lounge. In each location, Diversified’s team created a custom video processing system to virtually enable the Celtics to stream any content source they wanted.  

A full video wall and ticker in the lobby emulates TD Garden. The ticker is live streamed with IPTV like the digital signage found in the vestibule on each floor. The two full-size parquet floor basketball courts have several displays that circle them with speakers both above and around for a surround-sound effect.  

Even the weight room leverages audio and displays to support both training and teaching. In the hydrotherapy room—with a 40-foot exercise pool and float tank—a medical exam room with GE Medical Imaging equipment and a sports science lab gather data on the players’ performance. Displays can be found underwater in the hot tubs to observe motion for physical therapy. The fifth-floor media room holds interviews and announcements. The sixth floor includes an entire stage where media personnel can observe the team. Finally, a video review theater is used to communicate team goals and review performance.  

All these spaces and all the displays, on all floors of the building are connected through audio visual technology to deliver a unified digital signage experience.