University of Toronto

Immersive Study and Presentation Environment for Students and Faculty

University of Toronto’s Kruger Hall is a large space measuring almost 58’ long by 50’ wide and 20’ in height to the peaked roof. The space was widely used as a general meeting room for students who would gather there for study purposes. The University was looking to renovate the space to accommodate special events, to create an immersive presentation environment, in addition to configuring the hall for student lounge.

The University asked the Diversified team to design and install an audio visual (AV) system for them, taking into consideration two guiding principles: ease-of-use/user friendliness and maintenance of a low overall cost, installing the most economical products that would still ensure the space performed as desired.

The main hall consists of two dividing walls that allow it to be transformed into one, two or three separate sections, depending on the size of the anticipated audience. A large Draper projection screen, installed on the east wall of the hall receives images and data projected from an NEC, ceiling-mounted projector on a motorized lift. The lift allows the projector to be raised above operating height when not in use, however the main purpose of the lift is to lower the projector to ground level for easy service and lamp replacement.

The AV system is also equipped with a digital audio processor that controls audio signals and broadcasts them to specific areas of the room. To increase audience participation and enhance engagement, a portable, custom-designed lectern was installed for presenters. The lectern has the ability to connect a laptop to the system and a Crestron touch panel allows the presenter to control all aspects of the presentation. To finalize the project, a large NEC 65” LCD monitor was mounted on the side wall. This large-format projector is used to display either University-branded digital signage or to broadcast live high-definition TV.

The lounge space was equipped with another NEC 65” wall-mounted, LCD display, to enable the space to be used for small presentations, or to display a digital cable or satellite television feed.