Secrets for Video Wall Design

October 26, 2017

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Secrets for Video Wall Design

Whether you are in IT, facilities or architecture–design and installation of a video wall is an exciting and daunting project. You probably know the dimensions of the space where the video wall will reside and possibly the type of content you will share on the video wall. But what are the integrator secrets to video wall design?

Here are 3 secrets that integrators use in the early stages of video wall design. These video wall calculators, visualization apps and calculations will give you a jump start on your project. Check them out–then give us a call to verify your design, and plan for your installation. Diversified is one of the top integrators in the country with extensive experience in video wall design and installation.


How To Quickly Calculate Video Wall Size and Dimensions

These calculators help integrators quickly determine the ideal video wall configuration for your space and application. The Leyard / Planar video wall calculator walks through configuration of your room, displays and content. It then provides a side-by-side comparison of the Leyard / Planar LED or matrix displays recommended for the project. Once configured, you can export/save your video wall project to PDF or Excel and request a quote.


  • Provide the width, height & type of environment
  • Select standard, conference room, mall, lobby, retail, or control room.
  • Then select your displays


  • Select your video wall configuration method based on: columns/rows, video area, resolution or fit to room
  • Select the video wall products & pixel pitch [link below]


  • Select an image or video based on your video wall application i.e. corporate, military, retail, museum, broadcast, etc.

Check out these video wall calculators


How To Visualize a Video Wall

This visualization tool allows you to see what the video wall will look like in your existing space. PlanarView offers a free mobile app, available for iOS and Android, which enables integrators (and you) to overlay video walls on top of photos of your actual spaces. This provides a truly realistic and professional visualization of your video wall.

  1. Take a photo of your space
  2. Select and configure your digital displays
  3. Save, edit and share your video wall design

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How To Determine the Optimal Video Wall Viewing Distance

Sometimes the secret is simple. Christie Digital (and the smart folks on our engineering team) use a simple calculation to estimate the optimal video wall viewing distance and display size.

Optimal Viewing Distance (in feet) = Pixel Pitch x 8

To estimate the optimal viewing distance, all you need to know is an LED display’s ‘pixel pitch’—the shortest distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the next. Optimal display size is largely based on pixel pitch. Essentially, larger pixel pitches equal larger recommended display sizes, and vice versa.

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