We’ve all heard these three words before. They recognize systemic differences in experience. Experiences that have likely had a resounding effect on many of our lives. These words also represent an opportunity for betterment—an opportunity Diversified is committed to realizing to its full potential for the advancement of our associates as well as the communities we serve.

LDRSP_Eric Hutto, CEO

 “No one should have to choose between their career and their authentic self. We can and should be ourselves all the time. At Diversified, we will not stop until all are seen, heard, accepted, valued and provided equitable treatment.”

- Eric Hutto, Chief Executive Officer


DEI Programs

Diversified’s DEI programs are voluntary, associate-led groups that provide communities for members and internal leaders to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with Diversified’s mission and strategic goals. These groups are designed to celebrate diversity, which is recognized by the organization as one of the most effective means of achieving a competitive business advantage.

Women Empowerment (W.E.)

Established: March 2020

Mission: WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT (W.E.) is dedicated to the engagement and development of women, regardless of sexuality, identity, race, ethnicity, disability, or religious affiliation, throughout the organization.  The mission will be fulfilled through the following themes:

Connect: W.E. will promote community engagement both internally and externally to develop important skills like teamwork, communication, and problem solving and provide a mechanism for serving the communities where associates live and work.

Build: W.E. will support the development of women in the organization by providing opportunities for mentorship, professional development, and growth. Leadership roles within W.E. are recognized as a development path for providing leadership and team management experience while creating exposure to senior level leaders.

Innovate: W.E. will promote and influence organizational change that supports diversity and inclusion in business practices, policies and benefits.

Vision: W.E. will foster an inclusive environment where members are encouraged to challenge themselves, develop new skills and network across specializations. Innovative programming provided will improve the engagement of Diversified women at all levels of leadership and further the gender inclusion conversation. 

Project Giza

Established: June 2020

Mission: Create and foster an environment that increases and values the participation and contribution of all associates of color. Remove all barriers, discrimination and intolerance.

Vision: Project Giza promotes diversity in Diversified’s workforce by instituting inclusive hiring best practices and creating equitable systems of training, promotion and advancement. The team will implement systems that allow us to identify diversity goals, track and measure performance against those goals to develop our organizational capacity and leverage diversity as a resource for business advantage. Additionally, we will increase education and awareness through programming to educate associates on implicit bias, discriminatory culture and microaggressions. We will cultivate a safe space for equality, inclusion and anti-racism while facilitating the success of associates and Diversified business goals.

For questions or more information about Diversified’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, please contact diversity@diversifiedus.com


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