Life at Diversified

Here’s what you can expect: 

Legendary Work for Legendary Clients

Ever dreamt of working on projects that make headlines? You’ve come to the right place. From the Empire State Building to the NFL, we specialize in the extraordinary— whether we’re redefining iconic venues or transforming global enterprises, every day at Diversified is a chance to make history.

Innovative Environment

We don’t just encourage innovation at Diversified—we crave it and seek it out. As part of our team, you'll be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the industry, collaborating on groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible.

Personal and Professional Growth

Whether you're a seasoned professional or still honing your skills, we aim to provide an environment brimming with opportunities for development, cutting-edge training and meaningful career progression. We're dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, with opportunities that make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Transparency, Communication and Collaboration

Our approach is built on transparency. We celebrate our wins and strengths, but we’re also upfront about our challenges and opportunities for improvements. We prioritize clear communication and collaboration in all that we do, utilizing the unique talents of each team member to boost our impact.

Strength in Diversity, Unity in Purpose

Diversity isn’t just in our name—it’s in our DNA. We celebrate the unique backgrounds and perspectives that each member of our team brings to the table. Together, we’re a group of world-class designers, engineers, advisors and innovators, united by a common goal: to create a future without boundaries.

A Diversified Life

We know the importance of balance, offering a flexible and supportive environment where you can thrive. Our competitive compensation and benefits package ensures your hard work is rewarded, while our culture of inclusion and celebration ensures everyone feels valued and appreciated.

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Why Work at Diversified?


To be the best, we need the best. Whether you're just starting out or aiming for new professional heights, Diversified is committed to our associates, providing a rewarding and challenging environment. In the end, we have each other’s backs and support our individual endeavors.

When you join Diversified, you’re stepping into a global network of over 2,000 employees in 40+ offices. And our benefits package? It’s designed to take care of you, your family, and your life outside of work.

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  • Access to healthcare benefits:
    Participate in medical, dental, vision, short and long-term disability, health/family savings and Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Prepare for your future:
    No one wants to work forever! Start planning ahead for your financial future and participate in our retirement savings program.
  • Learning and development:
    Focusing on the development of our teams is our priority! Constantly learn about the latest technologies and continue to advance your career.
  • Live a healthy life:
    Physical health is essential to overall wellness. Enjoy discounted gym memberships to maintain your health and improve quality of life.
  • Support for your loved ones:
    Hard times are difficult enough. We provide company-paid life and disability insurance benefits (where applicable) to support your loved ones when they need it most.
  • Travel emergency assistance:
    Our lives happen everywhere. Travel with confidence knowing that emergency assistance is available to you and your family 24/7.
  • Take time off for what matters:
    We have a competitive paid time off plan that allows you to take the break you deserve.
  • Life taking you elsewhere?
    Life can change quickly. With remote work arrangements for many roles, we can help you achieve your professional goals while meeting your personal commitments.

Our Standards of Excellence

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It requires a plan and dedication. At Diversified, our collective success is driven by:



The foundation of our organization and community. Without people, there are no actions, ideas or progress. They are the ones who bring skills, creativity and energy to any endeavor.



The reason our associates act. A clear purpose provides direction and motivation. It’s the “why” behind actions and efforts, aligning the collective efforts of people towards a common goal.



The outcome of our associates working towards a purpose. Performance measures how effectively the purpose is being achieved. It’s a reflection of how well people apply their skills and efforts in pursuit of the organization’s goals.



The emotional drive that fuels our associates’ efforts. Passion enhances commitment and perseverance, making people more engaged and motivated to excel. It can transform ordinary performance into extraordinary achievements.

Join us today and discover
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