Bright Future of Digital Signage: Ultra Hi-Def and Hi-Demand

April 06, 2022

Digital Signage, In the Media

Emerging (and resurging) digital signage trends and growth opportunities in key markets.

During the height of the pandemic, digital signage played a critical role in communicating necessary and ever-changing safety protocols. However, interest in those kinds of messages has declined. Plus we’re continuing to see a shift towards hybrid environments. So, what does that mean for the future of digital signage?

Mitch Mittler, vice president of technology and design for Diversified’s digital media specialty, joined Commercial Integrator to discuss just that—and the outlook is more than promising. Digital signage is returning to its previous state of supporting branding and engagements as well as enabling experiential environments. AVIXA forecasts it will produce $35B in global revenue in 2022 alone with a 7% compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2026.

“Consumers are returning to brick-and-mortar retail, dining and entertainment venues [and] they’re hungry for experiences,” says Mitch. “Digital signage is a cost-effective mechanism for brands to deliver their message.”

However, knowing when and where to implement digital signage technology is only part of the challenge. If the content is stale or not engaging, even the most impressive video walls become a fancy blind spot for its target audience as they walk right by it. That’s where creative services help a digital signage strategy shine brighter.

“We identified that it was imperative to define creative strategy and governance at the beginning of an engagement,” Mitch explains. “Our team of content producers and artists are engaged by our account executives from all verticals to ensure the technical solution has the visuals to provide maximum impact to the end consumers.”

Thanks to the constantly evolving digital signage trends and technology, the limits of where you can reach your target audiences is disappearing. The expansion of broadband connectivity is enabling digital media anywhere there is a power source. From a grocery store endcap to the top of a taxi to even the mobile phone in a client’s hand, the possibilities are endless.

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