New York City Ferry

New York City Ferry

Improving Service and Communication to
Thousands of New York City Commuters

To improve service and communication to 57,000 weekly commuters, the New York City (NYC) Ferry launched a new fleet of vessels and a new digital signage system that encompasses both on board and dockside integrations. In phase one, nine vessels were slated for retrofit with eleven more scheduled for a second phase.

Diversified met with the client to gather all of their needs, which included streamlining digital signage management workflow, rules-based automation for content distribution, and scalability to enable ongoing growth of the network. In addition, with so many passengers relying on the NYC Ferry for transportation, the upgrades needed to be performed without disrupting the ferry schedules. Lastly, the client wanted to utilize its existing infrastructure.

Based on the client approved design, Diversified provided all AV and IT design engineering as well as content management programming design, development and documentation. Prior to implementation, off-site testing was performed and end users were provided a 3-day training course of the BroadSign Content Management System. The efficient deployment included installation of BroadSign Media Players onto current LCD displays within a single night’s shift. Once installed, rigorous sea trials were conducted before going live with content across multiple vessels.

NYC Ferry commuters now benefit from a broad range of communications on the new digital signage system. Dockside communications include: real-time ferry arrival information, the status of Citi Bike availability, and the locations of nearby bus stops. On board each vessel, passengers enjoy news feeds, menu boards, colorful advertising and, for routes exceeding 15 minutes, a Coast Guard regulation safety video. Ongoing management of the NYC Ferry’s digital signage network is provided by Diversified’s network operations center in Kenilworth, NJ.


Regal LA Live 

Delivering a Cinematic Entrance and Enhanced Movie-going Experience

The iconic LA venue sought to convert underutilized spaces into revenue‐generating entertainment centers to engage and entertain moviegoers. Enhancing the overall experience while driving ticket and concession sales, clients are captivated by stunning visual displays driven by the next wave in cinema entertainment.

The 4-story atrium, with its massive windows, created acoustic anomalies as well as high ambient light that required ultra-bright displays. Thoughtful design and engineering created cost efficiency as pathways were core drilled for rack relocation, allowing back of house equipment to be optimally located to minimize disruption of existing infrastructure.

Diversified worked closely with Barco to create and deploy Barco’s Lobby Experience, an innovative technology platform, transforming the cinema lobby into an immersive storytelling environment. Utilizing a lively combination of animated box office, concession and menu boards, dynamic movie posters and multi-screen, synchronized feature film promotional content called “Lobby Domination,” Regal’s LA location boasts 22 visual touchpoints featuring 62 individual displays in various configurations. Excitement is heightened by high end system lighting and a JBL audio system. Control via touch panels provides staff unified control and 2K, 4K and 6P laser projection systems provide incomparable auditorium experiences for viewers.

Content creation and management were major factors in the design as content displays across box office, concession and lobby areas with a combination of content ranging from local promotions and upcoming releases with no audio to national promotions with full audio, video and lighting effects. The solution is scalable and repeatable, enabling content to be used in multiple instances and technologies.

LA LIVE moviegoers now enjoy a premium experience, differentiating the cinema while gaining operational efficiencies and marketing opportunities that monetize the lobby. The experiential environment creates the digital connection that today’s audience expects.