Comcast Technology Center

Comcast Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Technology Nurtures an Enterprise Campus of Innovation and Collaboration

The Comcast Technology Center was conceived as a vertical enterprise campus to serve diverse uses including; Comcast’s research and development departments, television studios for NBC, and a 12-story luxury hotel. The tower provides a highly flexible workplace to nurture innovation with state-of-the-art technology for technologists, engineers, software architects, and executive teams to collaborate, develop and showcase products and services.

Given the size and complexity of the various technology specifications, Diversified was selected as the technology solutions provider for the project because of our expertise across multiple audio visual, digital signage, production and distribution technical competencies. Diversified worked with several different end user groups within Comcast to deliver the unique technology systems within their timeline and budget.

In the Comcast Technology Center, associates utilize technology that fluidly supports their needs and empowers their work to “imagine the future.”

The project scope included:

12-14th Floors

Broadcast Studios and Workplace Conference Rooms for NBC10, the local NBC affiliate station.

18th & 19th Floors

Town Hall: A hybrid auditorium, production and theater space featuring Dolby surround sound and media control room for production, distribution, and routing.

Conference Center: Multiple divisible and standard conference rooms with video teleconferencing capabilities.

20th Floor

Comcast Labs: Cutting-edge spaces with 4k video throughout several conference rooms, demo labs, a usability lab and observation testing rooms where Comcast collaborates internally to develop their latest cable TV products and demonstrate their products clients and partners.

Viewing Room: For screenings of Comcast Xfinity TV and NBC Universal film content as well as executive presentations with a 0.9mm pixel pitch, 35-foot wide LED display.

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NBC Philadelphia

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Park Hotels & Resorts

Park Hotels & Resorts

Digital Signage and Workplace Collaboration Technology for New Hotel Brand Headquarters

When one of Hilton Worldwide’s spinoff brands, Park Hotels & Resorts, decided to move its headquarters to a larger facility, they enlisted Diversified to provide audio visual systems design and installation services. The project, located on Tysons Boulevard in McLean, VA, consisted of wall-mounted LCD displays in the elevator lobby, huddle rooms, conference rooms, executive room, war room, reception and coffee bar, café, and boardroom with both digital signage and workplace collaboration technology.

In the elevator lobby, a 43” LCD display showcases playback of digital signage content via a media player located behind the display. The huddle rooms support content sharing from an HDMI input at the table or through a wirelessly connecting laptop, as well as audio conferencing and web conferencing capabilities. In the conference room, executive room, and war rooms, large format displays provide the same capabilities with an additional functionality of program audio playback from built-in speakers and audio-conferencing playback from a speakerphone.

The reception and coffee bar media wall is mounted inside a bookcase using a swingarm mount, and with source selection, channel selection and volume control from the cable tuner IR remote, supports either playback of cable TV or digital signage. The displays in the café are mounted back-to-back within custom-built furniture and have the capability of playing audio from ceiling speakers over the café area as well as auxiliary audio from ceiling speakers using a Bluetooth connection.

Finally, workplace collaboration technology in the boardroom boasts a 98” display for presentations and web conferencing, with the added capability to support video conferencing using software-based applications on a local PC or auxiliary laptop. Diversified also provided a wallmounted PTZ camera for web-conferencing from a USB-connected PC.

Diversified helped Park Hotel & Resorts to transform its new space into a modern facility consistent with their brand of luxury, upscale hospitality experiences.

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American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics

Consistent Collaboration & Presentation Systems
Support Mission to Serve Doctors and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 67,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of children. During construction of their new headquarters, the AAP met with Diversified to discuss their collaboration and presentation systems requirements in order to facilitate numerous medical education events as well as the committee and council meetings they host each year. Along with their requirements, the AAP emphasized that every dollar saved on operating costs furthers their mission of serving doctors and children.

Diversified partnered with AAP’s Director of IT and Technology to deliver comprehensive technology solutions with cost-effective system designs. The CEO Conference Room is outfitted with a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and simplified controls for easy plug-and-play wired or wireless connectivity. The 3-way divisible room includes a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and WebEx capability. Bosch Dicentis wireless conference systems with push-to-talk microphones are transported between the meeting rooms and connect into each audio video system. These devices, which provide high-quality sound reinforcement for board meetings and seminars, are easy for users to operate and quick for technology managers to set-up.

In the lobby atrium a high-definition 4×2 video wall welcomes associates and visitors. The video wall is comprised of Planar clarity matrix displays running content from a 22Miles digital signage platform. This same platform extends to digital signs throughout the building including the wayfinding kiosk which directs visitors to the appropriate room for each seminar and program.

From the collaboration and presentation systems in conference rooms to multiple divisible training rooms, sleek video wall and helpful wayfinding kiosk, the AAP appreciates the right-sized technology solutions Diversified provided to further their mission of serving doctors and their young patients.

485 La Trobe Street

485 La Trobe Street

Picturesque Flagstaff Gardens Inspire Digital Content For Experiential Lobby Space Technology

485 La Trobe Street is a state-of-the-art, contemporary commercial space in Melbourne, Australia and the epitome of 21st century collaborative and open workplaces. The Digital Experience and Information System (DEIS), designed and installed by Diversified, provides the ultimate lobby experience with striking digital signage, wayfinding and audio systems.

The feature pieces of the lobby are two video walls that line each side of a passage into the lobby—a landscape 4×4 video wall paired with a portrait 2×2 video wall. The 4×4 video wall consists of 16 ultra-high definition signage displays, offering an almost seamless appearance and low-light reflection, crucial in a lobby filled with natural light.

Not only did Diversified undertake the hardware and system integration, but the company’s Creative Services team of designers and digital signage specialists worked closely with Lendlease to workshop, design and develop the mesmerizing graphics for the video walls and two digital directory boards. The video walls welcome visitors and tenants into 485 La Trobe, displaying the time, date and weather forecast; and the directory boards guide users to the businesses located in the building’s north and south towers.

In keeping with the owner’s idea of bringing the gardens inside, Diversified designed alluring 4K animations of nature and the elements to set the scene in the space and complement the lobby’s stunning breathing wall. With four captivating designs, the videos rotate according to the four seasons that they reflect; a rainforest with tropical butterflies in spring, bees hovering amongst the yellow tickseed flowers in summer, the tumbling auburn leaves of autumn, and a roaring fireplace with floating embers in winter.

Diversified was able to present Lendlease with a sleek Digital Experience and Information System with ease in management, stunning content design, and the latest in digital signage technology and audio infrastructure, giving all tenants and visitors the ultimate digital signage lobby space experience.

Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Empire State Building: Entrance & Grand Lobby

Reimagining the Guest Experience with Seamless Technology Integration

The Empire State Building (ESB) recently set out to fully reimagine its observatory and subsequent guest experience. Since the iconic building first opened its doors in 1931, it has been visited by hundreds of millions from across the globe including some of the most prestigious world leaders as well as Hollywood celebrities. Today, more than 4 million visit every year—a crowd that could no longer be denied an enhanced and more memorable experience.

Diversified was engaged early on by Skanska, a general contractor the company has worked alongside for many other high-profile projects such as the United Nations and MetLife Stadium. Having been involved with the ESB team for more than a year, Diversified was determined to provide the most seamless technology integration with advanced audio-visual technology to help them reach their goals. This process included setting up a live demo lab with displays that covered multiple LED pitches, large format LCDs and projectors for projection mapping and blending. Diversified even came up with an innovative use of 3D printing to prototype a ticket scanner at each turnstile. Everything seen in the new exhibits was mocked up and tested in the demo lab before fabrication to ensure seamless integration and the best guest experience possible.

Through the design, install and seamless technology integration of best-in-class equipment for the new interactive exhibits, the Diversified team built in resiliency and redundancy for the entire critical path of the video system. If for any reason a device in the signal path were to fail, the system will automatically switch to a backup and continue to play-out content with no interruption to the experience of exhibit viewers. Furthermore, all units are designed with serviceability in mind to minimize downtime including cameras monitoring every exhibit 24/7.

This phase, which covers the new entrance at 20 West 34th Street and grand lobby, is the first of four to come. The Diversified team is already working diligently on seamless technology integration for the second phase, which will include highly advanced technology sure to wow the next generation of ESB guests.

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led video wall installation

Intercontinental Exchange

Intercontinental Exchange

Intuitive, Dependable Conference Room Technology Delivers Reliability

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a network for clearing houses, markets and technology , required dependable presentation systems throughout their general meeting spaces, designed with collaborative technologies in their vision of the
new space. Diversified was selected as the design build partner based on their understanding of the client’s needs, their ability to execute a large project over an extended period of time and their reputation for working well with a large and diverse set of project stakeholders.

With more than 75 conference rooms and a fully utilized IT support team, it was important that the rooms were easy to use for a presenter regardless of their technical skill. Each collaborative space required seamless integration of technology into the
architecture, while also needing a minimal in-room credenza to house AV technology. ICE also had special-use spaces requiring purpose-built systems for network and security ops centers, as well as building-wide digital signage and cable head end systems and streaming distribution network.

Diversified included ICE’s IT team in every step of the decision-making process in order to ensure a uniform conference room technology systems. Meeting spaces now possess a standardized, reliable user experience complete with a common control interface with a “drag and drop” user interface. ICE’s main entrance boasts a new 11’ x 1’ ultranarrow bezel video wall protected by a glass front on the face, creating a signature video element. Content is created and scheduled through a custom multi-output digital signage player. The main reception floor also contains an 11-room conference center for external meetings, requiring a higher finish quality.

Every space meets the seamless integration and intuitive criteria for a common control interface and the ability for all rooms to shut down automatically. Reliable technology platforms, coupled with a responsive client service agreement, have made the day-to-day operation a manageable routine. The presenters can now focus their meeting objectives, confident that the presentation systems will work.


Newell Brands

Newell Brands

Relocation, Huddle Spaces, and Wayfinding Signage Supported by the One Partner for the Job

When Newell Brands was looking to relocate and expand their regional headquarters— twice—they relied on Diversified as a trusted design partner to quickly and efficiently transition the technology.

With just three short months overlapping the transition between the metro-Atlanta locations, this provided an extremely tight timeline for the team, especially since most work was performed outside of normal business hours to avoid disrupting Newell’s daily operations. The short timeframe necessitated increased communications between the various trades working around the clock and resulted in frequently working in spaces normally not considered “ready” for AV work.

As implementation in Georgia entered its final month, Newell engaged Diversified again to design another HQ facility in Hoboken, NJ—to be delivered not 6 months later. Diversified’s strong New Jersey presence made the continued partnership of consultant and provider a natural one.

During this time, the team installed more than 60 rooms throughout the 4 floors, including a mix of huddle spaces equipped with Smart videoconferencing technologies, digital displays and wayfinding applications at all elevator lobbies, as well as a 6×9 Interactive Planar video wall used in their “Collaboration Lab” for Retailer training events. This occurred in both locations with numerous changes and additions, plus a complex and difficult design based around remote collaboration via Skype without limiting any other collaboration platforms.

After months of dedication and collaboration, Newell Brands was thrilled to take possession of the new facilities on the same day Michael Polk and his team with Newell Brands and Jarden’s Inc. rang the opening bell of the NYSE announcing one of the largest acquisitions of the year.


NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

NBC 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Lobby Digital Displays Modernize Visitor Experience and Pay Homage to Legendary Broadcast Complex

An homage to the original designers of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NBC sought to redevelop its iconic Grand Stair and Mezzanine Rotunda, and modernize its studios, to burnish the history and shape the future of the legendary broadcast complex. Diversified was chosen to provide stunning lobby digital displays and content management coordination throughout the renovation’s large, four-feature exhibit areas.

As guests ascend the Grand Stair and enter the Mezzanine Rotunda, they are drawn around the massive, luxurious space by dynamic imagery displayed along two, 60- foot long by five-foot high curved-front LED video walls. RPVisuals custom mounting solutions allowed for precision placement of the units. Audiences for NBCUniversal shows will gather in the Peacock Lounge which boasts ceiling-to-floor illuminated columns, each paneled with five large displays on each side. Dynamic content is tailored with multiple scenes for special events and pre-show gatherings. This waiting area also features a Planar Mosaic with numerous displays at varying depths and orientations, stacked across a shelf to resemble framed portraits.

The Greeter Stand/Guest Reception Area has been reinstated and serves as a home base for NBC Pages who welcome visitors. This intimate, nostalgic space surrounds visitors with 19 portrait-mounted displays featuring NBC celebrities, wrapped along three walls, including a fully redundant 4K theater with 7.1 surround. The Shop at NBC Studios has become another source of entertainment as shoppers access interactive content which feature Planar Mosaic shelves similar to that of the Peacock lounge.

Content across the project is driven by a comprehensive zoned content management system. Diversified created all control and DSP to run a seamless show throughout the everchanging scenes in the exhibits.

Lastly, IT coordination was pivotal to the project’s success. Diversified was responsible for all coordination of IP throughout and developing the redundancies and failover strategies on this very successful project.


Boston Museum of Science

Boston Museum of Science

Ceiling-Mounted LED array is the first of its kind, spanning two wings of the museum

The Boston Museum of Science (BMOS) is a science museum and indoor zoo in Boston, Massachusetts, located in Science Park, a plot of land spanning the Charles River. Diversified’s Digital Media Group was contracted by Barco to install 490 ceiling-mounted LED tiles on the walkway bridge of the museum, which spans two wings of the museum on the edge of the main lobby. The video display required that front access kits be installed throughout the array for service access. Diversified was also engaged to design engineering services and fabrication of the head-end system.

The install involved a new product for Barco and Diversified – the Barco X2.7 tile. This was only the second installation of this product performed in the US to date and the first one to be ceiling-mounted. Product delivery struggles and construction delays resulted in Diversified’s portion of the install to happen after the museum re-opened the area to the public, causing the company to shift all resources to overnight hours. Existing site conditions created challenges as well as on-site re-work of the entire mounting structure / unistrut bridging that supported the entire LED array.

Diversified worked closely with the Barco and BMOS teams to achieve a very aggressive install schedule to meet the client’s deadline. Extensive bridging was implemented on-site to accommodate for existing infrastructure not accounted for in the initial design. Diversified completed all contract work and additional requested scope, including installation of a last-minute custom trim bezel that was added days before the grand opening.


575 5th Avenue

575 5th Avenue

Avenue Lobby Improves from Dated to Sophisticated

The lobby digital signage integration of Beacon Capital Partner’s 5th Avenue property in Midtown Manhattan illustrates yet another stunning design/build collaboration between Diversified and ESI Design. Transforming the decades old lobby previously occupied by a single tenant into a sophisticated modern entrance that would appeal to and greet
multiple tenants yielded a blank canvas with several unique design opportunities.

The vibrant 192 sq. ft. digital ribbon of LEDs delivers a seamless image canvas that welcomes and captivates visitors with its engaging, high-quality media content. To maintain the sleek design, the LED wraps required a clean finish with only a 5mm gap. Wrapping columns with sub 2mm LEDs at a 90° angle was a first for Diversified and required custom cabinet fabrication. Mounting the cabinets to the building’s structure, along with designing for power, ventilation and access for maintenance represented additional challenges.

Conceptual design for the 10,000-square foot space was followed by technical design and a series of mock-ups and tests. The system features Crestron control, PureLink switching and routing and full remote access via a dedicated firewall. Diversified engineered and 3D-printed custom mounting brackets which allowed exact positioning of the cabinets and seamless LED-wrapped corners, completing the look.

Each day, tenants are treated to a virtually endless array of intriguing custom imagery that highlights the vitality of the neighborhood and features local events, news, video, and even an imaginative Manhattan skyline at sunset depicting the daily stock market information.

With the project completed on-time and under budget, the client is thrilled with the new space. Diversified provides ongoing managed service to the site through remote access and diligent network monitoring. These services ensure the project’s continued success and in its first year of operation required only one on-site service visit and zero downtime!


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