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Power Utilities' Sustainability and Strategic Control Room Design for 24/7 Operation

February 06, 2022

Mission Critical

MarketScale Interviews Tyler Bonner

The need to respond to emergencies in an instant requires special considerations when designing and executing mission critical facilities. Tyler Bonner, senior vice president of Diversified's Mission Critical Environments team, joins James Kent, ProAV Podcast host, to discuss key elements of control room design that support effective power utilities operations.

From connecting key stakeholders with crucial information to providing an ergonomic work environment for operators facing long hours and ensuring added security against cyber threats, designing an effective facility equipped to sustain operation requires asking all the right questions and emphasizing the unique considerations that successfully take a facility from “9 to 5” to 24/7.

We know that during a crisis, seconds mean everything. We help limit losses, maintain up-time, restore services and save lives.

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