How the Metaverse is Driving a Unified Content Strategy

October 25, 2022

Media Workflow, Virtual Production

Taking the first step towards creating immersive and interactive experience for a virtual environment

The future belongs to those who deliver compelling digital experiences. A digital experience is anything that one entity wishes to share with another, in such a manner as to invoke a desired action or reaction. Digital experiences can be static, interactive, or even immersive, and include video, images, graphics distributed through mediums like the web, personal devices, AR presentations, VR environments, etc.

Creators and distributors of digital media must capture their customers’ attention in the most efficient and effective manner possible in order to provide information, convey internal communication or share product information to enhance customer service, promotions and brand recognition.

Today’s technology surrounding the media & entertainment (M&E) and workplace industries has brought forward a vast variety of solutions, products, tools and methods for creating and delivering content. In recent years, the M&E sector in particular has evolved towards cross-platform “storytelling” whereby it is possible to deliver multi-format content simultaneously to multiple outlets without duplicating effort.

Still, much of this material is complicated to create and requires specialized tools and skills, which brings the costs of “production” to levels that often are beyond the reach of many organizations.

Advanced content for delivery through Extended Reality (XR) is even more costly to create and distribute. Therefore, it’s of little surprise that very few companies can do this today. Even fewer can do it at a scale where the bang is worth the buck, so to speak.

Although there is much buzz around the concept of the Metaverse, answers are few to the questions of how we will be creating the immersive and interactive experiences for a virtual environment.

It can be argued that the metaverse is already here, albeit in a stage of formation and definition—or “Metaverse 0”. Many, if not all, of today’s methods for delivering digital experiences with multi-format content, static or interactive, along with the current “Web 2” generation of technology, will form the foundation for what will become “Web 3 and Metaverse 1”.

Benefitting from decades of rapid technological advances in the fields of media, entertainment, broadcasting, mobile communications and cloud, and fueled by our drive to innovate at the forefront of our industry, Diversified believes that a new paradigm of unified content strategy is required.

A unified content strategy demands better solutions and tools. Today, disjointed workflows, manual and automated, leverage specialized tools and expensive solutions to bring together video, audio, images, text, and graphics into a concerted delivery audience of viewers, users and customers. The user interfaces of these tools are often complex, platform-dependent and require specialized skills beyond the portfolio of non-media companies, and simpler, more effective tools are needed.

Dynamic partnerships between solution manufacturers and technology companies like Diversified to innovate and collaborate are essential to enable the rapid evolution of a unified content strategy for our industry.

To learn more about this exciting technology, please feel free to contact our team to discover how your organization can leverage a virtual environment.

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