MarketScale Interviews Diversified Sr. Director, Stephen Jenkins

The Advantages of AV as a Service (AVaaS)

With the market shift from traditional facilities buyers to an IT buyer, today’s enterprises are becoming more tech savvy than ever before. As AV continues to integrate more closely with IT, it’s creating new opportunities for increasingly innovative solutions. James Kent, ProAV Podcast host, sat down with Stephen Jenkins, senior director of Diversified’s Intelligent Technology Solutions specialty, to discuss how this integration is leading to AV as a Service, a more cost effective and agile solution for today’s organizations.

As more devices become connected to network infrastructures, the AV as a Service (AVaaS) model continues to gain popularity among leading enterprises as it allows them to consume technology as a service and concentrate on running their business.

“When you break down AVaaS, there’s really two key components,” says Jenkins. “First, could you always consume this technology on a lease model that allows a flexible consumption and refresh strategy? (Absolutely.) But to really deliver an as a service model, you need to be able to bring that along with a very robust proactive service delivery methodology.”

This innovative approach allows Diversified to meet the evolving needs of its clients and provides an unprecedented value—from the financial benefits of a predictable monthly payment that includes everything from the hardware to the support and management to the guaranteed expectation that the user can just walk into the room and it works, without worrying about maintaining an on-site support team.

To learn more about how AVaaS is opening up the opportunity for proactive monitoring and remote management to support guaranteed up-time and availability while addressing key business drivers, listen to the full podcast below.