Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual reality technology in the classroom

Using virtual reality in the classroom gives students the opportunity to interact and engage with their subjects in a virtual environment.  Augmented or virtual reality solutions actively engage learners resulting in faster learning, better retention, and improved decision making.

Veative VR Content Modules

Looking for VR content? Veative has created the largest library of virtual reality content for schools which can be mapped with any curriculum across the world.

Immersive and interactive STEM VR modules allow students to dive deep into subjects, and explore concepts that cannot be visualized in the chalk-n-talk method of teaching.

  • 550+ Interactive STEM VR Modules
  • Veative VR content works with all major VR standalone consoles i.e. Oculus Go, PICO VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Veative EduPro
  • Handheld controller enables navigation and engages the student in the Virtual Reality module
  • Go beyond 360° images and videos
  • Play interactive VR content using a handheld controller
  • Perform Virtual Experiments and manipulate objects in an immersive environment

VR Headset & Controller

Dive into a world of 360 degree experiences and engage in a virtual space that appears realistic with a virtual reality headset.

VR Storage & Charging

VR storage is designed to protect your investment and keep headsets and all the peripherals you need neatly organized.

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