SCN Feature: “Signing In – Opportunities in Interactive Displays”

Diversified Director of Creative Services, TJ DiQuollo, discusses the evolution of interactive digital signage with Systems Contractor News.

Corporate campuses, banks, government agencies, and public and commercial transport bodies are exploring how interactive digital signage can assist in the distribution of advertising, entertainment, and information. Interactive digital signs offer more potential for client interaction yet the technology and applications are evolving rapidly with the integration of augmented reality and artificial intelligence providing the next level of engagement. TJ DiQuollo, Director of Creative Services at Diversified, notes,

“Future augmented reality is going to take the phone out of the equation. In that case, there will be a whole new world of potential—especially for retail and advertising, where you will be able to interact with new products that aren’t even there, and imagine them as if they were sitting there on the table, right in front of you.”

Regardless of technology and application, the success of any interactive digital signage project relies largely on the content. According to DiQuollo, “The real potential is around the creative application of it: how do you evoke the emotion of the person interacting with the device?”

Diversified’s Creative Services team is no stranger to working with creatives, marketers and agencies to deliver interactive content. Through work with large organizations including Comcast, Capital One, and Pepsi, Diversified has designed and implemented creative content for numerous digital directories, mobile applications, and advertising networks.

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