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Music Touring-Grade Sound System Makes Big Impact at Angel Stadium

June 27, 2018

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Angel Stadium Renovates Sound and Video Systems

The audio and video systems renovation at Angel Stadium, recently covered in SVG News, demonstrates leading-edge thinking from Diversified's Sports & Live Event Team to meet the unique needs of owners, players and fans. Innovative technology solutions include a permanently installed field-level sound system to play music for players during pregame practices and warm-ups, a music touring-grade sound system to synchronize audio with the LED video displays, as well as production control room upgrades.

According to Brad Fisher, Diversified’s senior account executive on the project, while ever-larger in-venue video is important for fan engagement, so is the sound that’s married to those pictures. “The quality of the synchronized audio is critical,” he says. “The sound has to have a presence. It has to sound good. It can’t be an afterthought.”

As the scale of audio systems increase, the challenges for music touring-grade sound system installation increase as well and include ensuring sight-lines are not obstructed. Diversified clustered slim profile, high-output speakers in specialized cabinets using custom-fabricated mounts and added structural steel to the scoreboards for a unique line-array solution. Learn more about this exciting renovation!


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