7 Reasons Laser Projectors Outshine Their Predecessors

April 14, 2021

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How you can achieve a brighter image (and value) with laser projection

Finding the right projector to highlight your content isn’t a matter of luck, it’s a matter of choice. When debating between more conventional lamp projectors and newer style laser projectors, here are 7 factors to consider to avoid getting burned by another lamp projector investment:

1) Lasers Last Longer

It never fails that electronics start to die, or bulbs seem to blow at the most inconvenient times possible. While standard project bulbs have a typical life span of a few thousand hours, the long-lasting light source in laser projectors more than double these bulb lives with an estimated 20,000 hours of operation. Under typical use cases, this means you don’t have to worry about replacing the light source for almost a decade.

2) Installs Any Way You Want, Wherever You Want

Designed for conference rooms, museums, auditoriums, classrooms and more, modern laser projectors don’t have any special installation requirements. That means you can mount it sideways, at an angle or even upside down to achieve the ideal projection you’re looking for, no matter the space.

3) Less Hassle and Decreased Ownership Costs

Decrease your headaches and expenses while enjoying maximum uptime. Extended filter-replacement cycles minimize maintenance and keep laser projectors in optimum condition. Not only does this cut your downtime to increase ROI but lowers total lifetime ownership expenses even further when you compare it to its lamp-based counterpart.

4) Starts Brighter, Stays Brighter

Make sure your presentation imagery looks clear, bright and beautiful with consistent brightness levels. Compared to the lamp source in conventional projectors that fades over time, laser light sources deliver consistently bright, high-contrast pictures to ensure you are always putting your best presentation foot forward.

5) Ready When You Are

Skip the small talk as you wait for traditional lamp projectors to warm up or cool down. Laser light sources instantly turn on and off to maximize your presentation time.

6) More Connectivity

We use more devices to collaborate than ever before, so why wouldn’t the same be true for presentations? With dual HDMI ports, a direct UBS and additional smart features, you can present from a networked computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

7) Go Green (While Saving Green)

You can help save the environment—and save on your electric bills. Energy-saving features (and fewer discarded light sources) make laser projectors a brighter option for our environment.

Sony’s full range of laser projectors deliver all of this and more for corporate, educational and entertainment applications! Intelligent settings optimize brightness, color, cooling and other presets to enhance overall functionality, simplify installation and adapt to a variety of environments. However, the intelligence doesn’t stop there. Smart features enable simple integration with control, monitoring and management systems in AV and IT environments. And, it’s all contained within a sleek, minimalist design that seamlessly blends into your venue to achieve a discrete installation that yields a high impact experience.

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