Diversified Launches ViewPoint, A Portfolio of Smart Meeting Rooms

The flagship solution for enterprise clients seeking global technology standards for audio visual systems.

KENILWORTH, NJ – Diversified, a leading global technology solutions provider, today announced the release of ViewPoint, a portfolio of smart meeting rooms that drive positive business outcomes by creating predictable, technology-enabled meeting room experiences. This predictability translates to fewer help desk requests, lower cost of ownership and greater manageability of meeting rooms as well as faster project budgeting and deployment.

“Today’s businesses want technology partners who can help them develop audio-visual standards that deliver consistent meeting room experiences across their organization,” said Fred D’Alessandro, Founder and CEO of Diversified. “Our ViewPoint pre-packaged meeting rooms simplify budgeting, planning, implementation and support by addressing small to medium-sized meeting environments.”

Whether companies need 1 or 100-plus pre-engineered rooms, ViewPoint has more than 45 available configurations, all based on leading technologies that have been tested and integrated for hundreds of clients worldwide. These solutions range from small, 4 to 6-person huddle spaces with simple plug-and-play functionality to 11 to 14-person room systems with presentation, audio and video collaboration capabilities. The ViewPoint portfolio is available now at diversifiedus.com/viewpoint, where users can access all offerings or filter by parameters which include room size, functionality and even their preferred collaboration platform (Skype, Teams, WebEx or Zoom).

“This standards-based approach is complemented by Diversified’s expertise in the design, build and management of custom technology solutions for clients across the globe,” commented Tom Spearman, Diversified’s Executive Vice President. “Diversified’s clients are now able to take advantage of the simplicity of ViewPoint or engage our team to develop a unique enterprise-wide playbook based on their specific use cases and requirements.”

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