Switching on Spaces | White Paper

How to Plan and Deliver Astonishing Visual Experiences with Direct View LED Videowalls

Suppose entire walls of a built space could take on whatever look suited the moment, and be active, dynamic and instantly changeable.

The rapid advent and maturation of direct view LED (DV LED) display technology is compelling everyone from commercial property developers to Hollywood filmmakers  to reimagine how they do things. DV LED displays first gained attention as the giant screens used for replays in pro sports mega-stadiums and digital billboards in Times Square. But technology and manufacturing advances have transformed DV LED into a mainstream product that’s being used for everything from in-store shopper marketing to casinos and public utility control rooms.

While direct view LED videowalls are increasingly commonplace across industries, it’s a technology that’s still new to most end-users, as well as to the architects, designers and engineers who want to make everything from a wall to an entire space visually come to life.

This white paper introduces and explains the technology, outlines its advantages and wide variety of options, and highlights interesting use-cases. Readers will learn the differences between pre-engineered and custom solutions, and they’ll finish with a better sense of how to make the right calls for the technology and how to find a solutions partner, like Diversified, who will make ideas happen.

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