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Delivering Value Through Information Technology Modernization

Whether you find yourself managing or procuring IT infrastructure for a small business, large enterprise, or federal agency, there are a few constants affecting everyone:

  • Remote workers and the rise of digital natives in corporate America
  • The ability to store and secure data and applications anywhere, on any device
  • IoT and the need for edge computing
  • Pervasive security tied to the user, not the IP address
  • Automation of menial tasks done manually by logging into each device
  • API integration to make disparate systems interact and work together
  • Ensuring that the network, devices, and endpoints drive user experience and application performance

To help clients address the challenges of information technology modernization, we hosted a webinar series to introduce possible partners and solutions.  Here’s an overview of the four-part webinar series with a link to each recording.

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“Automation will not replace the human element in IT, but those who understand it, will replace those who don’t.” ~author unknown

If you have been an IT professional your whole life, you will not be able to stop the tide of automation, programability, cloud, IoT, and other factors that are making network engineers uncomfortable. NetBrain is a software based platform that automatically discovers and maps your network (up to 3000 devices per hour) for a full asset report.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg:  Netbrain automates common CLI commands, integrates with popular solutions like Solar Winds, Service Now, and Splunk.  Customizable “Q-Apps” and “Runbooks” can help push troubleshooting tasks down to the help desk.  Many clients use NetBrain as a single UI to ingest data from other platforms to achieve the coveted “single pane of glass” view.



In order to galvanize an industry, you must create a new space.  That is exactly what Rubrik did; Rubrik took the convoluted and layered approach to backup and data management and turned that space on its head.  According to IBM, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years.  No one likes scheduling backup jobs: Rubrik takes all the guess work out of keeping up with backup policies. You simply create a policy specifying the frequency and retention of the backups needed and Rubrik takes care of the rest (orchestration)…automatically running the backups without creating “backup storms”.  I consider Rubrik the hyperconverged offering for secondary storage; true HCI brings the hypervisor, storage, compute, and networking into a single appliance.  Rubrik, the HCI of secondary storage, collapses legacy solutions like dedupe, replication, archiving, storage, and tape into a single “Brik.”  Rubrik is more than just back-up; it is a data management solution allowing clients to leverage the full potential of the hybrid and public cloud approach we are seeing industry wide.

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Licensing is complex.  Perhaps the major OEMs left it that way for so long to ensure that the “vendor” would always be the ultimate source of knowledge.  However, in today’s society, the client has the ability, and knowledge, to educate themselves just as much as the vendor.  Therefore, OEMs must put the needs of the client over the bottom line to stay relevant.  PAKs, license allocation, entitlement, portability across platforms, and compliance have always been issues when dealing with licensing.  Cisco Enterprise Agreements are the answer to these problems; they allow volume discounting and upfront pricing, portability across hardware, and a single pane of glass portal to manage all of your licensing across multiple solutions sets.

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Are you an influencer or decider for your organization’s IT procurements?  Traditionally, IT procurements require a large, initial outlay of capital for systems/products/hardware that will be used for future needs (typically 3-5 years down the road).  What is the problem with this? You are using this year’s budget for future needs of the network.  What about staffing?  As newer technologies evolve and the skills gap in IT continues to widen, organizations are struggling to hire the right skill set to support their expanding needs.  How does the As a Service model address these concerns?  Diversified is able to wrap hardware, licensing, install, and managed services into one consumable package to procure monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  The network infrastructure now becomes a utility, much like water and electricity.  By doing this, you are able to utilize OPEX funding for your network.  Our team of experts will come in an assess your current environment to design custom SLAs and billing cycles that fit your needs in order to allow you to focus on your business goals and agency missions.

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Diversified’s Intelligent Technology Solutions team partners with clients to drive business outcomes by creating agile technology infrastructures, developing information into meaningful data, and driving intelligence into the network. We are uniquely positioned to facilitate your digital transformation leveraging our IT expertise and deep experience in multiple technical specialties. Engaging our design/build services, 24/7 support and managed services gives you peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is monitored, fully operational, and data-enabled, so you can focus on growing your business.

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