State of the Industry 2020: AV Service Revenue is the Antidote for Recession

Commercial Integrator interviews Diversified leadership on their approach to possible recession and how AV service revenue can help alleviate a downturn.

Commercial Integrator’s Craig McCormick continues his annual series on the State of the Industry with part two, focusing on AV service revenue as a solution to possible recession in 2020 and beyond.

It’s widely agreed upon that implementing a service model in the systems integration industry, particularly in AV, is not an easy task. Still, those who do put in the effort to make the switch have the opportunity for more revenue upside in the years to come and the ability to protect themselves from the roller coaster ride that such a project-based industry can present.

“The sheer numbers of some of these companies can overwhelm an IT help desk,” says Diversified executive VP Tom Spearman. It can also help in times of economic recession, says Diversified president Kevin Collins.

Diversified saw this shift in the industry coming years ago and has since implemented its Global Services specialty with three network operations centers (NOCs) that help clients manage technology systems that they don’t have the resources to manage themselves.

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