Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Undergoes AV Overhaul

SCN_03_16_Final-302Several years of growth have transformed Charlotte into a “new city,” a high technology hub attracting top shelf, Fortune 500 corporations. Unfortunately, a 15-year span since its last renovation had left the Charlotte Chamber with a dated facility and AV systems in need of an upgrade.

Enter Diversified, who recently completed an AV makeover to bring the chamber up to snuff. “Previously, when these chamber members came in to use the space and the chamber’s gear for their presentations, it was not a good representation of the city and often required internal technical support,” said Gary Matthews, design engineer. “It was definitely not what these executives were used to. The building was dated, and the AV systems were a combination of consumer and commercial products. You could walk from room to room and never know what to expect; each room was its own island of technology.”

For Matthews and his team, the mission was clear-cut. “It was obvious that they had to get to the same level of tech as their clients,” he noted. “And it had to be easy to use so that members could come in and use the space without any issues. That was a part of the challenge; the chamber does not always have an AV specialist on hand, although they do have a staff that is very comfortable with technology. In addition, the systems had to be accessible by many technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as being collaborative, informative, and complementary to the environment.”

Clearly, what this client sought was a state-of-the-art facility that properly reflected the modern image of the City of Charlotte. “We had not done prior work for them,” Matthews said. “However, we were on their advisory board allowing us to understand the needs of the membership and ultimately design their new systems.”

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