The New Essentials: Remote Working Solutions

Effective Communication Solutions In Our New Remote Working And Learning Realities

The world has seen an unprecedented and rapid transformation in its perception of what a typical day at work entails and the need for more and more remote working solutions. Businesses and institutions are having to redefine how they continue to communicate across all levels. The current trend is a decline in traditional structured and scheduled meetings and a rise in agile, impromptu, and often incidental sessions. We are working more remotely than ever before. But, with the right technology, we also have the potential to be more connected than ever before.

Effective virtual communication hinges on facilitating the ability for users to share content easily from any device, intelligible audio and clear video as well as wireless connectivity. The new remote-based working and learning realities of today have moved beyond the conventional home or personal-use grade of equipment. More users are looking for professional-quality solutions for their home to achieve the productivity and workflows of the office.

Companies such as Harman have long offered an extensive range of remote working and learning technologies for office environments. But these translate just as well to home office and study spaces which are, for many, the predominate locations they operate from today. Podcast microphones, sound bars and switchers—devices traditionally associated in larger, “professional” applications—are now becoming essential in homes as well. Particularly, homes with multiple household members working or studying from home, where there is a strong usage of technology and requirements for bandwidth for their equipment.

As a technology solutions provider, Diversified has remained at the forefront of remote working solutions and innovation. The shift the company has seen recently has been the wider applications of these technologies and an exponential requirement for them. Whether your new office is from a bedroom, a hallway or a kitchen table, these remote, and often wireless, working technologies are flexible enough to cater to any impromptu need and simple enough to deploy in home environments to converge home AV and PC technology.

For businesses and institutions, now is the time for future-proofing infrastructures for remote working and remote-learning and thinking outside the walls of the office, meeting room or lecture hall to connect to associates and students and remain engaged with them from anywhere, at any time and with a consistent, intelligent user experience.