Security is Intentional, Not Incidental

Deploying Proven Solutions to Protect Critical Information

In today’s digital world, the most valuable form of currency isn’t the dollar, gold or even bitcoins—it’s information. In the wrong hands, the right confidential information can be priceless.

The government sector faces an ongoing threat of security breaches every day with the potential to involve unauthorized administrative access, compromised updates as well as weak cryptography. With so much shared and stored electronically, it’s important to mitigate breaches by identifying these key risks and implementing technology solutions that will ensure security of sensitive information.

Needless to say that security doesn’t simply happen on its own. It’s part of a strategic and methodical plan to protect critical information. Data security is ensured by following specified standards including JITC published STIGS, support for FIPS cryptography, CERT Secure Coding Standards and Microsoft® .NET Secure Coding Guidelines among others.

Whether considering AV-over-IP or transmission of in-room audio, video and control signals, Crestron offers government solutions that guarantee the security of your data.

With a strict adherence to established security standards, their products are constantly reviewed and tested throughout the development process to ensure protection. Continuous build processes, nightly tests and additional manual test are all part of a comprehensive product security verification process that each product undergoes.

For sending and sharing content, Crestron’s DigitalMedia product family provides a platform that’s reliable, flexible, scalable, managed and secure. With a wide range of connectivity options, you can easily distribute AV and control signals anywhere with the confidence that your content is protected.

Developed with security in mind, Crestron puts great emphasis on authentication, 802.1x, and secure protocols such as HTTPS, SSH, SSL, TLS, and more. AES encryption ensures secure transmission, and PKI certificates authenticate devices, so all video data is always encrypted without any additional configuration required.

Bottom line, if it’s on your network, it needs to be protected.

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