Frontline and Center

Centralizing collaboration and technology in healthcare

While medical and healthcare solutions have been a stable area of growth in the tech industry, the urgent need for widespread and advanced healthcare technology in the current COVID-19 climate has escalated. Thankfully, companies like Diversified have been at the forefront of medical integration, establishing a strong suite of services for the healthcare industry and a deep understanding of healthcare practices, regulations and requirements—particularly in patient care. But what had been forward-thinking innovation for a distant future is now a pressing necessity today. Tech companies and vendors are rapidly mobilizing next-generation medical solutions so that the healthcare sector can overcome this pandemic and foresee the pressures it may bring about tomorrow.

A key issue during this pandemic has been a crisis of communication and how industries can effectively transcend the challenges of social distancing and a remote workforce. A recent survey from Sage Growth Partners and Black Book Market Research found that despite only 25% of respondents having used telehealth services in the past, 59% are more likely to use these services now, with 36% willing to switch their physician in order to have access to virtual services. Another finding from this survey was that only 43% of respondents felt safe getting treatment at a hospital.

For the medical sector, telehealth has been the prevalent solution to the above scenario. Hospitals and medical facilities have had to rapidly deploy the infrastructure to support advanced remote technologies at scale and drive collaboration across healthcare. Healthcare professionals are working together in multidisciplinary teams, across facilities and borders, to offer a more centralized, secure e-health service to keep up with the rapidly evolving global pandemic—sharing knowledge and advice in real time.

NEC Display Solutions have long offered innovative medical and commercial displays for a range of applications including interactive displays for telemedicine, desktops for nursing stations, patient check-in kiosks, digital wayfinding, clinical and patient review and network operations/intensive care. Early on, NEC recognized the transition taking place from ‘patient-centered’ to ‘patient-driven’ care and has developed a suite of display innovations to improve the patient-experience and increase service satisfaction. This is based on developing digital and virtual technology that improves patient safety and care coordination, benefiting both patients and staff.

Ultimately, our communities are needed medical care to be delivered faster and more safely than ever before, with the added challenge of overloaded frontline staff who need to minimize physical interaction. Digital solutions can support the full medical process—from easily accessible and accurate patient data to more transparent communications provided to patients who are accessing medical care and undergoing procedures. Technology to the enabler to fostering a higher standard of medical collaboration and coordination that can help minimize risk and allow for safer, better patient experiences during COVID-19 and beyond.