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Transforming Workplaces into Digital Workspaces of the Future

The return to work. It is the topic that has been top of mind for the past few months. Strategic planning is ramping up as organizations get ready to reopen doors to associates and safely take the first steps towards normalcy.

A strategic return to work plan is one that completely rethinks and is ready to reshape how the office space looks and operates. And yes, with social distancing requirements, limiting shared spaces and shared devices is a challenge to the collaborative mindset fostered in modern work cultures. But, shifting that mindset to a new way of collaborating is not impossible. With the right technology, the right processes in place, and the right monitoring and measurability of how associates are using your spaces, your organization’s return to work strategy will see your workplace transform into the digital workspaces of the future.

In fact, many of our technology partners like Crestron have been continuing their innovation in collaboration and control room technology in 2020. Seeing the challenges of the global pandemic, including the critical function to support both in-person and remote working, the company has been improving and reshaping its already solid range of technology to provide organizations with full spectrum return to work solutions. Their aim is to instill confidence in associates from the moment they set foot in the workplace, to confidently hold meetings and rest assured in their own productivity and safety.

Mobile Zoom or Teams Room SystemCrestron flex R portable zoom room system for digital workspaces

Specifically aimed at return to work is Crestron’s Flex R Series, the latest in their Flex series of products. The ‘R’ stands for ‘rapid’ making it the fastest and easiest to deploy mobile unified communications solution that can work in your newly defined, newly utilized office spaces that are safe for your staff to meet in while keeping their distance. With less staff in the office, and limited tech support, a solution such as this with built-in Microsoft Teams or Zoom can be moved to any space and implemented by anyone. Enjoy zero-to-low touch meeting and collaboration with Crestron AirMedia. Combined with PoE occupancy sensors, AirMedia intuitively detects your presence and automatically turns on displays.

With Flex people counting, you can measure and monitor how many people are in any given space, setting your own safety limits and alerting departments like HR when spaces may get overfilled. Measurable and reportable solutions like this deliver insight into how staff are interacting with newly defined digital workspaces, giving you foresight in how to slowly introduce more staff to the workplace and rearrange the space accordingly.

Organization to organization, return to work strategies vary. On one end, there are companies working towards a complete, in-person return to the workplace as soon as it is safe and practical. At the other end, companies are fully embracing remote working, allowing staff the choice to work from home indefinitely. And across this spectrum, organizations fall somewhere in between, whether in a staged or hybrid approach to office-based and remote workforces. Crestron’s innovative enterprise solutions can support return to work strategies, regardless of where on the range you sit. At the end of the day everyone’s priority is to protect the health and safety of associates, while promoting their confidence to work productively – wherever that workplace may be.

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