The Latest Trend in Setting up a Meeting: Bring Your Own

Jump into the Future of Workplace Productivity and Collaboration

When it comes to meetings and workplace productivity, you’ve probably heard of the trend, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The concept skyrocketed after 2010 when research1 done by Intel found that, “61% of Generation Y and 50% of 30+ workers believe the tech tools they use in their personal lives are more effective and productive than those used in their work life.” Since then, 67% of people use their own devices at work2, and 87% of companies depend to some extent on their associates’ ability to access mobile business apps from their personal smartphones3.

As an integrator of agnostic workplace collaboration and digital signage solutions, Diversified is no stranger to the BYOD phenomenon. In fact, it’s changed the way integrators approach the design of workspaces for their clients. But…what if you could take this revelation one step further and pair the preference for the use of one’s own device with that of their preference for conferencing solutions, such as Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom, to actually allow for completely seamless collaboration and the sharing of ideas?

What if you could bring your own meeting?

A newer term made recently popular through manufacturers such as Barco and Logitech, Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) holds a strong position in the future of workplace productivity. There are so many great workplace collaboration platforms out there these days that it can be hard to choose which one is best for your organization. And no matter which one you go with, there are bound to be a few associates who wish you chose differently.

In a BYOM model, people who prefer to host a conference call from their personal device using their preferred conferencing solution to connect can do just that.

Never has there been a time where this model was more relevant. The ideal meeting is always face-to-face but sometimes, that’s just not possible. In situations where meeting participants can’t come together in a conference room or huddle space. Situations where no one can have an in-person experience and all are attending remotely. Even then, with BYOM, all get to use the tools they are familiar with, and use them from virtually any location, to experience a highly collaborative meeting that is easy to join and simple to operate.


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