AVIXA Webinar: Venue of the Future

A Look Inside the Chase Center and Its Audio Visual Fan Experience

In a recent AVIXA webinar, members of the Chase Center project team sat down to discuss designing and integrating the latest in audio visual technology to boost the fan experience.

As consumer theater systems continue to improve, sports venues are finding themselves in more and more competition with today’s living rooms than ever before. Yes, they’re more convenient and less expensive than watching the game live in person, but no matter how advanced home systems become, they’re still no match for the heightened energy and fan experience of being in the stadium cheering alongside thousands of fellow fans.

The new Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco, is truly a world-class sports venue that leverages entertainment AV to take the fan experience to the next level. Compared to the average home television that measures less than 9.5 sq. ft., the large center-hung scoreboard alone includes almost 10,000 sq. ft. of surface LED space—the largest in the NBA.

Strategically placed displays throughout the facility each play a unique role in elevating the fan experience. From the large LED wall (commonly referred to as the “selfie wall”) that greets guests as they enter the gatehouse and the 1,200+ IPTV endpoints offering menu options and digital signage to the ribbon boards in the bowl displaying enhanced game and player statistics for hard core fans and the giant video walls within the suites, fan are remain immersed in the game day excitement.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the facility was meant to be a technology showcase that could out-perform the fan experience at home and any other venue in the world. Built around SMPTE 2110 providing state of the art IP video and audio, all of the content displayed throughout the facility is produced and distributed from the venue’s central control room. Designed with the necessary flexibility and upgradability, this venue will continue to be a showpiece of entertainment technology for years to come!

To learn more, listen to the complete AVIXA webinar, featuring key members of the Chase Center and Diversified teams.

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