AVTechnology Feature: “State of the Huddle Space”

Leading AV Integrators Discuss Best Practices for Huddle Spaces

In this feature article, AVTechnology Magazine interviews Tom Spearman, Executive Vice President at Diversified and others about how technology managers can quickly deploy and refresh huddle spaces to gain optimum adoption and return on investment. As a first step, data obtained from meeting room analytics and room scheduling panels outside rooms helps to understand when and how meeting spaces are used.

From a deployment perspective, the article emphasizes the importance of standardization for rapid and consistent implementation of hundreds of huddle spaces across the enterprise. Standardization makes the spaces easier for users to understand thereby increasing user adoption and resulting in fewer help desk requests for IT departments.

When it comes to futureproofing huddle spaces, Spearman believes that is somewhat of a moot point. What’s important is choosing supporting technology that works well with your collaboration platform of choice whether it is Skype, Webex, Teams, Zoom or something else.

“[Most organizations have] already made the strategic decision about what collaboration platform they want to invest in, and then everything they’re doing in the huddle rooms is focused on integrating with that standard.”

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