Bridge the Sound Gap of Social Distancing for Improved Communication

Wireless Two-Way Communication Devices Promote a Healthy Environment Without Compromising the Safety of Frontline Workers

As companies continue to evaluate and deploy their return to work strategies, the health of associates and visitors is obviously the top priority. Increased sanitizing, wearing masks and enforcing social distancing are helping to provide a healthier workplace as many companies return to work. However, this laser focus on health is, in some cases, putting productivity and even safety at risk due to hindrances in communication.

While masks and social distancing are key elements in helping to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic and have become staples of our “new normal,” they can create new challenges when communicating. Distance naturally makes it more difficult to hear and be heard and combined with the muffled speech while wearing masks, it’s generating new roadblocks to clear and effective communications.

Listen Technologies’ wireless two-way communication devices and mobile collaboration system, ListenTALK, helps to bridge the gap to promote health and communications simultaneously. This two-way communication system enables frontline workers to maintain a safe distance while performing the work that keeps the country running with crystal clear communication. The wireless system features a sleek, wearable transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) that enables group communication at the touch of a button.

ListenTALK is perfect for use in traditional two-way communication as well as training, tours and interpretation. With a variety of headsets to fit any environment as well as BYO earbud and hearing protection capabilities, the system eliminates communication barriers in a number of settings.

Secure Wireless Two-Way Communication Devices

Want to make sure no one else is trying to eavesdrop? ListenTALK offers secure communication and multiple room applications provide three levels of encryption to protect your conversation. Listen from up to 100 m indoors or 200 m outdoors as clearly and as easily as if you were standing right next to the person speaking.

Mishaps and miscommunications can have serious impacts on the safety of your team and overall productivity. Whether you need to hear over the loud noises of a manufacturing plant, want clarity in the courtroom or to support a focused learning environment, this mobile system is designed to meet today’s health needs while providing continued benefits for long-term usage.

As we continue to navigate our return to the workplace, we acknowledge that the pandemic has indefinitely changed how we do business. ListenTALK provides a new way for organizations to support daily operations and communications while always keeping the health and safety of their associates and clients at the forefront.

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