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The Trifecta: Ergonomics, Modularity & Adaptability

Leveraging Today’s Control Room Design Needs as the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Vision

Adaptability has been a key theme (and necessity) for 2020—adapting our daily routines, how we work, attend classes and even how we socialize. As we return to work, adapting the workplace is the next logical step. We have new needs and expectations in terms of safety while at work. But hopefully it won’t be that way forever. Therefore, when adapting to today’s needs, it’s important to still keep tomorrow’s vision in mind.

Mission critical facilities such as transportation and utilities along with broadcast and media organizations traditionally rely on a room of operators to keep operations running—whether it’s ensuring that their clients have power or are able to watch the nightly news.

When you initially see the control rooms that fuel these kinds of operations, it’s easy to be impressed by all of the displays showing key information for the operators, the atmospheric lighting and the colorful control buttons. But these sleek looks don’t simply serve aesthetic purposes. Ergonomics, modularity, and adaptability all play a key role when designing or updating control rooms. TBC Consoles specializes in delivering this trifecta in all their products.

Ergonomics of Control Room Design

Each component has a strategic role to play to keep the operators working at optimum productivity. With both the operators’ comfort in mind, the consoles are designed to easily adjust to fit the varying ages and body types of each operator as they rotate shifts. Want to adjust the height for sitting or standing? Just hit a button. Need to adjust a monitor for better visibility? It’s just as easy. Studies have shown that staying in one position for long periods of time is not only tiring on the body but also hinders our productivity. TBC Consoles makes it easy to go from sitting to standing to help keep operators “on their toes” all day long.

Modularity of Control Room Design

We all know that technology changes quickly these days, so why shouldn’t your control room? While it’s not in anyone’s budget (or timetable) to get a completely new console system every couple of years, as a design principle, modularity relies heavily on standardized components that support ROI. TBC Consoles’ products are strategically designed to accommodate legacy and new solutions for ergonomic, cooling and cabling needs. Need to reconfigure or expand your existing control room? Don’t scrap what you had—adjust it and add to it.

Adaptability of Control Room Design

Adaptable workspaces isn’t simply a COVID-19 response—it’s a design philosophy. To accommodate the new safety measures and social distancing requirements, TBC Consoles offers a complete line of durable and stylish partitions to protect control room operators. Available as full height partitions, countertop partitions or surround partitions, they provide the perfect solution to protect your teams. However, we all hope that our “new normal” won’t be our “forever normal”. So, unlike other partitions on the market, when that time comes, TBC Consoles’ partitions can be removed without leaving any holes or traces on the console surface.

So whether you’re looking to make safety specific modifications to your control room design as you welcome more operators back to work or need to reconfigure your entire space for improved productivity, Diversified and TBC Consoles can help you meet today’s needs while laying the groundwork for future goals.

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