Diversified Military Veterans Discuss Key Behaviors for Success in AV

Discipline, structure and process are just three of the key behaviors learned before joining the Diversified team – behaviors which help them in AV as well.

As part of a two-part tribute series to military veterans who have found a home in AV integration, Craig MacCormack of Commercial Integrator recently interviewed three military vets from Diversified.

Diversified’s founder & CEO, Fred D’Alessandro strongly believes that, “Military values of teamwork, selflessness, sacrifice and dedication mirror our core DNA at Diversified.” The company takes great pride in helping returned soldiers transition to civilian life, as exemplified in their decision in 2019 to open Diversified Academy—a program dedicated to the training of veterans and their spouses so they may be able to find a career in AV after serving their country.

So, it comes as no surprise that three valued members of the Diversified family—Jessica Shelton, Bob Tunis and David Haynie—see clear parallels in the behaviors learned while in the military and those applied to their civilian work life. All three having transitioned from the U.S. Army, they agree that discipline, structure and process have all played a critical role in their combined decades of success in the industry.

“There’s not one task I do here where I don’t think back on my military career,” says Shelton. “I’m still in that mindset.”

Both Tunis and Haynie focused on similar areas while in service such as telecommunications and IT and both eventually landed in AV after seeing the exciting opportunities the industry had to offer. Decades later, they see those opportunities remain even if in a new and different form.

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