How Data Analytics Supports Businesses During the Pandemic

IoT solutions and the data derived can provide businesses with a path for survival and growth during and post-COVID.

The pandemic’s long-term effects are merging with existing digital transformations. Strong data analytics-led insights and actions are guiding everything from product design and industrial efficiency to client relationships and associate workflows. Stephen Jenkins, Senior Director Intelligent Technology Solutions, Diversified and Kelly Harlin, Analytics Platform Strategist, Sharp NEC Display Solutions America, join Daniel Litwin, ProAV Podcast host to discuss strategies that meet today’s COVID-related workplace challenges through successful implementation of IoT solutions and partnerships.

Considering a company’s culture and dynamics, cyber security and privacy issues, and “thinking big” long-term goals, they provide insights on engaging the right partner to harness analytics and design, build and manage an enduring strategy.

Podcast Highlights

  • Predictive data analytics can help plan businesses’ current and future real estate needs.
  • Any technology investment should be part of a long-term strategy.
  • A short-term technology solution may be costly down the road if not thought out.

Listen to the full discussion below.


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