Projecting Added Value for Education

Leveraging classroom projectors for today and tomorrow’s hybrid learning environment

2020 has truly been a year of change as we all adapt and evolve within our new environments. We’ve changed how we work, shop, connect with friends and family, and even how we educate. Adapting our education approach to ensure the health and safety of our students and teachers without compromising the quality of learning and interaction has proven to be challenge that needs more than a “pass or fail” solution. Thankfully, classroom projectors are delivering A+ results that meet the needs of the student, educator and school system all at once.

Classroom Projectors - Epson Short Throw
Compared to expensive displays and video walls that can easily become cumbersome in a learning environment, classroom projectors are providing a more flexible and budget-friendly alternative. For example, Epson’s BrightLink laser projectors are helping to instantly transform meeting spaces and classrooms into interactive collaborative environments to support laser-focused learning anywhere. With Epson, an ordinary wall, whiteboard or any flat surface becomes interactive to inspire imagination and help bring learning to life. Once connected to a computer, the whiteboard becomes your monitor and a pen or finger serve as the mouse for easy display and interaction no matter the application open.

As social distancing guidelines continue to redefine the classroom layout, it can be challenging for teachers to seamlessly interact with virtual and in-person students simultaneously as part of the new hybrid classroom. However, Epson’s short throw classroom projectors help enhance even the smallest classrooms to support a front-of-room student view and back-of-room teacher view with two projectors to provide a maximum field of view for an optimized learning experience for all students.

However, while social distancing is our “now,” it’s hopefully not going to be our “always.” When classrooms no longer need a front and back view to support the hybrid model, these versatile projectors can go from classroom to cafeteria to media center to leverage their interactivity and communication potential, further increasing their ROI.

Explore Epson’s comprehensive line-up of projector solutions to elevate your educators’ experience and captivate your students.

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